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I am on my second iPhone 4s.  The first one had a faulty microphone (delay) and it was replaced by the Apple store and restored via the iCloud backup.  But soon after it was restored, I noticed that anytime I plug the phone into my computer, and occasionally at other times, right after syncing the phone asks me for my Apple ID password, but the Apple ID displayed is not mine.   It IS, however, the Apple ID of my wife, but that ID is only used on her laptop, was never associated with my iTunes account, or with this phone.  If I delete her account and enter mine and the password, it seems to accept it, but then asks for hers again immediately.  All I can do is hit cancel.  When it asks for it at random times it sometimes has the ID field locked, so I can't even try to change it.


Everywhere I look in the settings of my phone, I see my Apple ID (general settings, store settings, etc) not hers. 


It is possible that I once plugged the phone into her laptop to charge it, but I'm not sure about that.


I've attached some pics to show you what I mean. 


My first inclination is to restore teh phone from backup, but I'm worried it will restore whatever caused this glitch. 


This is more of annoyance than anything, but it is really annoying.


photo (8).JPG


photo (7).JPG


photo (9).JPG

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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