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    I have an iPhone 4. I tried cleaning the charging port and, although I got a lot of lint out of there, it didn't help. I tried the freezar for 5 minutes, etc, etc, etc. I called ATT and the guy was nice but treated me like an idiot. After a while, and trying some things, he said that maybe I should go to an ATT store. The only thing that worked was to put a small reward points card, the small one that goes in your keychain, inside the charging port, the bottom part of the pins at the bottom of the phone). I push it in, mostly on the right side, and then up. I saw the volume bar right away. I tried several times, until it worked for good. It's been two days and it still works. i added the card to my keychain again just in case.

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    G'day mate,


    I had the same issues running iOS 7.1 something

    My port at the bottom of the phone was ever so slightly bent down a notch

    Managed to use a standard pen and bend it up just a fraction and seems to be running fine again!

    Hopefully this helps! Cheers

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    Thank you croysterjr!  This totally worked!!

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    This worked for me! Thanks a million

    cool_username wrote:


    I tried everything and none of it really worked.


    BUT then I just pulled up the control center and tapped the airplay icon (little box with an arrow pointing to it) and switched it from "dock connector" to "iphone". This gave me back the volume dots, music volume, sounds from apps, everything. Hope it helps!

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    Hey make sure your iPhone's Bluetooth is set to OFF.

    If it's on it could be synced with a device.

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    check out this video guide how to solve the problem !!




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    IVE FOUND THE SOLUTION!! This has been a problem for me for a while now!!


    Anyhow.... Alot of replies on here said the make sure the headphone duct was clear of any dust or obstacles; HOWEVER, i found that aswell as that, i needed to clear the charger duct. Im not sure if there was dust in there too, but i found that blowing quite hard into the charger duct solved my problem. I tried many ways i saw on here, but found that the sound kept flicking on an off everytime i attached my charger. I blew into the duct to clear it and... WOL LAHHHH!!! Problem solved! I did also update my phone which apparently fixes any bugs, so hopefully i will not have this problem again!!


    HOPE THIS HELPS GUYS! Let me kno :0)


    Five stars! It worked...!


    The issue was that my iPhone 4 was sit in a dock for a long time... dust accumulates in the connector pins and makes kind of a "short circuit" deceiving the iphone thinking is still on the dock even when it's outside the dock.


    I cleared the pin connector with alcohol (use mouth washer ahah) it work perfectly.

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    i used a paper clip to do the same thing, similar to the pen trick, after having no luck with the compressed air trick.  It worked great, immediately.  Hope this helps.

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    This worked for me, Created a profile just to log in and say Thank you, and Liking your comment



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    I have an iPhone 4s that makes no sound from anything. The volume buttons up and down show the slide, the silence button shows ringer on or off, in settings, sound, the slide goes up and down but no sound! In ringtone, no sound when you select a sound, no sound, I have cleaned the dock and there was a lot of lint, I have cleaned the audio jack. I have reset the phone, I have restored the phone but absolutely nothing has worked.


    I took the motherboard of this phone and put it into a phone that I know works and there was no sound, so I know it isn't anything to do with the parts in the phone. I am at a loss to know what to do to get sound.

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    Thank you very much, blowing in the charger duct solved the issue on my iphone 4.

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    When I had my iPhone 4s it did The same thing until I found out that you have to switch the ringer on and off of silent mode then the sound started working. It's stupid because it's so simple but it fixed it for me.

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    thanks so much for this advice, crazy but it worked! After I took it out of the freezer the sound still wasn't there but then I turned the phone off completely and then back on again and hey presto, sound is back! You have saved me! I'm a fitness instructor learning two new Les Mills releases to teach at the weekend and the panic I felt when the music was playing but no sound coming out was palpable. Not now though.Thanks again!

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    A cup of coffee poured on my iPhone and a hair drier helps

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    I put the phone in the freezer for ten minutes and now it's working fine. Thanks.