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  • Tankeray Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Here's what has worked for me in the past:


    1) Turn the Phone off, then back on

    if not that, then 2) Hard reset the phone (Hold power and home for 5 seconds)

    if not that, then 3) turn the phone off, then use a cotton swab with some alcohol to clean out the dock connector or the headphone jack

    if not that, then 4) Play a song. With no sound coming out, reconnect it to a speaker dock, then disconnect it again. Sometimes the last time it disconnected didn't register.

    if not that, then 5) Rapidly plug and unplug the headphones about 5 times - this may unstick the headphone jack

    if not that, then 6) If you get sound through headphones, plug in headphones. Start a song. Unplug the headphones


    Hopefully one of those works

  • bitk17 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ack! This just happend to me also. No sound unless I am using headphones. I was using speaker phone on a call, then called the person back and couldn't hear anything. It happened just like that! I have tried all the tips except for the hair dryer and the music came back for a split second when I was using compressed air but that's it. So frustrated!!! I am at work so I can't put it on a docking station until I go home. Not sure if I should try to go to genius bar at lunch or try the docking station at home later. I am worried apple will tell me I need a new phone and it will be $200. I just did the latest update to 6.01. Right now I am hating on apple since it looks like they are not owning up to the issue. Wish I could get that docking station screen up that someone got the other day.

  • VinEnvy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just had this problem pop up out of nowhere on my 4S.  Went to Settings>Sounds>Lock Sounds slider.  It was "ON". Switched it to "OFF" and pressed my Volume + and - keys and was controlling my volume again.  Give it a try.

  • Capway Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, the problem is in your docking port , where you plug your charger,

    This happened to me, i got a tip off the net, just clean the docking port out with an old CLEAN, DRY, toothbrush.

    If dust or grit gets into a certain part of the docking port it creates a short , which makes the phone think the headphones are in.


    Give it a try, im sure it will work

  • VinEnvy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i just realized how dumb what i said was.  and then realized how much of a troll i look like. sorry.

  • lightwire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    just open up iTunes on your phone and turn the volume all the way up.  Then your videos will record with sound.

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    I've had the sound problem on my iPhone 4,4S and my 5 (usually once weekly depending on use), where i don't get any sound from the phone (usually happens when i have my alarm set so i'm late getting up). So far all I've had to do to fix it is to shut down the phone holding down the top button until I get the red arrow saying to slide to the right. Nothing big deal, but this says to me "software issue" and I'm at a loss as to why apple hasn't put out a fix. Luckily I have an understanding boss, guess I better get a backup alarm clock!

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    I upgraded to 6 and have mimimal sound coming from my phone now.  Its all the way up and it sounds like its hardley on.  It is fine with headphones.  I have tried all the above except restore.. weird thing is my ipad had no sound either and finally after jacking with it last night, I was able to restore the sound.  but the phone this is really ticking me off!  I am printing all these responces out so the apple store wont laugh at me...

  • Tankeray Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You, um, may want to reword the middle sentence of your response about your iPad, if you don't want them laughing at you for a different reason...

  • bitk17 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    UPDATE: I went to the apple store and the tech told me to do a good backup and they would wipe the phone clean and if that didn't work I would get my phone replaced. Went back in the next day and a different tech said my speaker was dead and they would fix it at no charge. It took about 20 minutes and sure enough I had sound! So glad I was under my warrenty and a qualified tech actually helped me the second day. Just wish I would have had him the first day!

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    what button's did you press to get the that screen?


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    In the lock screen, double click the home button to bring up the music player and push play. Then, in the same screen, hold down the home key to activate Siri. This while give you a new set of icons in the music player one of which looks like an eject button. If you push this eject type button you'll get the dock connector screen.

    The only problem is that getting this screen does nothing. Even if you push cancel there's still no sound. I'm still without sound and I've done everything everyone has suggested.

  • Debbie89 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing here, nothing has worked for me, guess I have to go to the apple store and have them check it out. Thank you for the response.

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    Woh!! Holy...!! Blowing worked!! I was scared to death..Thanx u all.. For others.. Just blow into the dock & headphone connectors!! Try 4-5 times n wolah!! Good as new!! At least it worked for me, for u - Best of luck

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    I had the same problem. No sounds unless ringer tone. I plugged my hearphones and played music, unplugges and plugged again a few times and now it works without problems. I think it's something related with the hearphones jack (dust or something else).

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