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I have several podcast playiists that I sync to my iPhone, some smart some manual. After I turned on iTunes Match on my iPhone the only podcast playlists that sync are smart playlists. How can I make the manual playlists also sync?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, 64 GB
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    I too have this issue. I hoped that sync on iTunes would sort that bit out again, but apparently not.


    Big fail IMO - Match is great, but Podcast lists is what I live with.


    It is also worth mentioning that while I have an automatic "recent podcasts" list, I don't listen to all of them, so manually filter it.

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    Okay, having just fallen over this issue, I have gone back to turning off iTunes match on my iPhone. This doesn't restore the playlist though, which seems to have been marked somehow. So I had to create a new playlist, then put a MUSIC track in, then sync. That gets it on the device. Now you can add podcasts. If you don't do the music step, it seems to not get copied at all.



    Please Apple, fix this. iTunes Match and Podcasts via iTunes are important.

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    I too had this problem.  Having the music available is kind o fnice, but the truth is I listen to Podcasts 98% of the time.  This essentially makes iTunes Match useless for me.  It was also annoying that I had to trick the system to let me reinstate the manual playlist of my podcasts as well.  Seems broken to me.

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    Interesting this got picked up again. Just a few weeks ago, I investigated the podcasting apps - there are quite a few out there - and I have now moved entirely to them for podcasts. iTunes was unsubscribed, and I enabled iTunes Match for music on my phone. I hardly bother connecting to iTunes any more - no real reason - and podcasts are available over the weekend and when travelling. Cord untied. Given the current rumours, I think podcasts are changing at Apple, and they were left out of Match deliberately. Right choice, it turns out.


    Go check out Instacast, Podder, and the one I've settled on, Downcast.

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    Interesting.  I often us an iPod for my regular listening, but fall back to the iPhone when in the car over BT or working out.  Can any of the other apps support an oiPod as well as an iPhone? Or are they all iPhone apps?


    Have a favorite?  I tried stitcher, but wanted the files local.  Maybe it downloads them...

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    A solution I've mentioned in other threads for iTunes Match not syncing playlists to iPhone is to log out of your iTunes Account (Apple ID) in the iTunes & App Store page of Settings, turn phone off, then on, then log in again. This has solved problems for a number of people.  Cheers.