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My phone and my mail was working fine until about 3am yesterday.  Now it suddenly says my name and password are wrong.  imap.gmail.com- says it is incorrect.


1) I try to enter the password again, it still says it is wrong. 


2) I went on my computer to use gmail- it lets me in using my password.


3) I updated the software to 5IOS, thinking there was a glitch-the phone was restored in the proceess.  After the update, it still does not accept my password.


4) I changed my password on my computer.  Iphone still does not accept the new password.


5) I deleted the account, then put it back in with the password, says it will not accept it- so now I have no email account on my phone.


6) I turned off the phone and turned it on again.


None of these things worked, clearly.  What am I doing wrong and why did my iphone suddenly decide it did not like my password?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1