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I have been fooling with this for days and days.  I have created a Numbers spreadsheet and have the page layout centered just right.  As far as the preview in Numbers...the document should print just fine.  I then upload it to iWork on iCloud to have access to it from work, iPhone, iPad, etc..  Here is where the problem begins.  I download to a windows computer and open with Excel.  When I go to print it, the margins are WAY off.  The spreadsheet previews and prints with basically no left hand margin.  I can then fix the spreadsheet in Excel and reupload to iWork thinking that it should remain fixed.  Once I open the document in the Numbers app and do the process over again.....BACK TO SCREWED UP MARGINS!!!!  Has anyone else dealt with this and found an answer?


I understand that they are two different applications, but you would think that they would play nice with one another.