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Hi all,


I have a main MobileMe account for personal use and a secondary 'Email only' MobileMe account which is used to operate our family business.


I moved my personal (main) account to iCloud about a month ago and everything has been working fine so today I decided to move the Email Only account to iCloud too.


My problem now is that you can't have two iCloud accounts going on the same user account on my Mac so it will make it difficult receiving emails etc. constantly having to swap between two user accounts on my Mac.


I know iCloud allows you to create aliases which I am happy to do so I only operate from one iCloud account BUT how do I keep the same .me.com email address for the business? Each time I try to create the alias it says it's in use (yes, by me).


Should I delete/cancel the Email Only account and then claim the alias? How do I do this?


I apologise if this has been addressed - I searched for sometime but couldn't find anything directly relating to it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    You can't make an alias out of an existing account. If you haven't migrated the email-only account, just do so: then add it in System Preferences>iCloud. This obviously won't allow you to carry out any syncing with it, but it may add it to the list of accounts in Mail. If it doesn't, you can enter the server settings manually - details here:




    This will allow you to check your mail automatically and select which account you use to send with when composing a message.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Roger. Will I be able to continue syncing this account to my iPhone etc.? Also, I might be missing something but when I go to System Preferences>iCloud my main account is there and I don't see anywhere to add the other - formerly Email Only - account.

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    I don't have an iPhone but I would imagine that the mail app will allow you to add additional accounts, so you just add the new account there, entering the setting manually if necessary. Again, you can only do that with email, but I gather that's only what you want to do anyway.