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i recently downloaded a new dock from the internet (google search rainbow lepoard dock) and ever since my mac has been playing up.

my trash icon and finder icons are gone, i cannot right click on the dock and when i log in behind the thing where you type your password is a blank screen.

ive tried the killall Dock thing in terminal and it doesnt work!


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    Apparently you tampered with the Dock.app in CoreServices to try to change the dock appearance. The full path to the dock is:




    If you have a backup of the original Dock.app I suggest you replace the current one with the original. Drag the "damaged" one to your trash and then drag the good replacement into the CoreServices file.  Then killall Dock.


    Note, I am assuming you got that stuff from this web site.  That page has a link to download the original images that presumably you replaced in your Dock.app.  So if you don't have a backup try restoring your Dock.app with the images provided on that page and follow the instructions there on how to do it.  Good luck.