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So my Macbook is 2009, and has been used a lot (work) recently the charger stopped charging. It would glow green, and the computer would recognise it was connected, but it would say 'not charging.' I tapped it on the desk a few times, then plugged it back in, wiggled it around a bit and it would charge. As soon as I unplugged it I would have to do the same again. Today I did the same routine, but this time even though the light is orange or red or whatever (I can't tell which) it is not charging! And my battery is already down to 38% from 100% this morning!



Here are stats;


Battery Information:


  Model Information:

  Serial Number:    6N8490CPK13C

  Manufacturer:    SMP

  Device name:    bq20z951

  Pack Lot Code:    0000

  PCB Lot Code:    0000

  Firmware Version:    002a

  Hardware Revision:    000a

  Cell Revision:    0100

  Charge Information:

  Charge remaining (mAh):    2076

  Fully charged:    No

  Charging:    No

  Full charge capacity (mAh):    3747

  Health Information:

  Cycle count:    1019

  Condition:    Normal

  Battery Installed:    Yes

  Amperage (mA):    -1305

  Voltage (mV):    11406


And here is the downloaded coconutbattery details:



Current charge - 1387mAh

Max charge - 3752 mAh




Current - 3752mAh

Design - 4100mAh




Macbook 5,1

35 months old

loadcycles 1019

temp 30.8c

power usage 14.2 watt



Please can anyone help? I really appreciate it, thanks!



Oh, and I did the reset thing (taking the battery out and holding the power etc) to no avail.

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    I note that the the battery has gone thru 1019 cycles. That is about the life expectancy for a built in battery according to Apple.  It looks like it is time for a new one.  (If it is a user replaceable battery, the cycle life expectancy is 300!)