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Right, I don't know how this happened or why but its ruined my iPhone.


I woke up yesterday morning to find my iPhone had removed all my downloaded and purchased apps, just leaving me the default apps the iPhone comes with and the new iOS5 apps.


I connected my iPhone to my MacBook and it started copying all my apps back to my iPhone but I had to rearrange all my apps to how i had it before.


I didn't really get too angry about this. What follows did make me angry;


I have lost all my levels etc on my games. For example, I apparently haven't completed Angry Birds. All my levels have been wiped off, same in Fragger, Amazing Breaker etc etc.


I've found a backup from Saturday for my iPhone which I want to use to restore my iPhone to, but how do I do it?


When I right-click on my iPhone in devices in iTunes on the left it doesn't give me the option to do so. It gives me one choice of backup which I cannot use because it will send me back to when the iPhone had no apps on it etc.


The backup i've found is from the backup folder in mobile sync folder in the library.

new white Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.3)