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  • Andrew Shalit Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Jim -


    Thanks, I will give this a try.


    The files I was having trouble with were created with Pro Audio Converter.  I exchanged e-mails with the developer who says that the app uses Apple's Core Audio Frameworks to encode AAC files, which should be the same as using Quicktime or iTunes.  But may the Core Audio Framework provides multiple choices for AAC conversion?  I'll send him to your analysis and see what he has to say.


    The other thing is that most of the AAC files created with Pro Audio Converter work fine.  It's just maybe one out of twenty that doesn't work.  Of course, it tends to be the one that I want to listen to!  But it's certainly not the case that none of the songs play.


    In any case, thanks for the tip.  I'll try it and report back.

  • FedidosInc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Be patient.  I was having the same problem, but after 2 days, everything is up and running.  It looks like Apple servers take a while to convert uploaded songs.  Don't waste your time emailing Apple support, they will reply you with some useless links that you probably already checked.

  • craigmiami Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i'm having exact same issue. HELP!!!!!

  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2 (465 points)

    Not sure what you mean by "the exact same issue," but if you mean that you have files that uploaded but won't play and those files were encoded outside of iTunes, the answer may be that they are getting past the eligilibilty screen, but get corrupted in some way during upload.  This is particularly true for some AAC files created in Audacity.


    I detailed the problem and the fix at the link below.  Basically the solution is to treat them the same as you would any music file marked as ineligible by iTunes Match - highlight them, go to the advanced menu in iTunes and select "create AAC version.'' 


  • tomasfromcardiff Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to update on the progress of my apple fault call. Originally i was having problems listening to ANY music played back or downloaded from the cloud to my iphone or ipad, downloading the music back in itunes was ok though. Apple iOS support have said there are a few iOS bugs affecting the iPhone and iPad that will get a patch release but don't hold your breath as it may take a few weeks to months. They said it appears to be very few people with the problem and it's some combination of account problems and bugs in ios. Guess I was just one of the unlucky ones. Anyway personally I have asked for a refund until its ready to use.

  • craigmiami Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the response.  While the "fix" is helpful, it is a horrific work around considered the amount of songs in my library giving me this issue.  I can't listen to music on my iphone on the subway for more than 15 minutes without hitting a wall and my music just stopping.  it would take me hours/days to isolate the problematic songs and do that process.  I'm begging for a quicker fix.


    How would one go about asking for a refund until this issue is resolved?  The music on my iPhone is almost completeley useless now.



  • meteorallen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I ended up going to the Genius Bar.  They gave me a new iphone. Works great now.  I think it is a firmware issue they aren't talking about. 

  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2 (465 points)

    First, the fix isn't necessarly the answer to your problem.  The bug I've identified only has to do with AAC files created outside of iTunes, and then only with certain versions of lame in Audacity.


    So I'd try to isolate problem songs on just a few albums, create AAC versions and go through the process of replacing what you already have in the cloud with them.  If it works, then I'd think about how and when I created the batch that doesn't work in iTunes.  It might be possible for you to identify some common element that would make rounding up others a little easier than doing it hit or miss.  In my case, I had probably ten albums with problems so it wasn't hard to find them.  Once I realized it was specificallly albums I'd recorded and that it was a problem with the songs that uploaded, I used the view option to get me icloud status, that made things fairly easy for me.  I corrected the problematic files in probably an hour.


    One thing you might consider is how much time it took you initially to get everything uploaded by Match.  It may be that starting from scratch, doing a mass conversion may be easier for you.  My guess is though, that if you have the same problem I had, that the files are corrupted, so nothing short of replacing them will fix the issue.


    As for asking for a refund, yes some people have contacted Apple Support and been successful in getting a refund.  However they won't be able to sign back up for a year, so if the service interests you at all, or if some enhancement comes out that makes you re-think it, that's something to keep in mind.


  • scottbrown Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    It's not just Audacity that causes issues...Apple's own afconvert built into the OS encoded AAC files that woudln't play via streaming

  • craigmiami Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just as an update... I went to the 14th street apple store in NYC, we did a full restore of my phone. NOT from backup (which is fine because i just synced everything with icloud when i was back up and running - just lost sms convos ect.). 


    I turned on itunes match and haven't had a SINGLE issue since.  I couldn't fathom how this would help at the beginning, which is why i never did a full system restore to begin with.  Whatever bug was causing iTunes match to act so erraticaly and not play songs has been wiped out by restoring.  Hope this helps everyone.

  • Scott_me Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem -- songs show up on my iPhone 4 (not grayed out), the play fine from the desktop, but almost never from the iPhone.  I got some additional songs to play by finding a playable song and then hitting the "previous song" icon.  It did not really fix anything, though, since those songs were again unplayable upon reentering the Music list.  I'll visit the Genius and try the restore.  Thanks.  Pls pass along anything else helpful.


  • StumbleThrough Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay, I was having the same issue.  Songs I purchased from my 4S were clearly showing on my phone but would never play.  I was, however, able to play them fine while in itunes on my PC.  I played around on the phone in the music app and under the purchased music tab discovered the icloud next to each sone I had recently purchased and was not playing on the phone.  At the top of this screen was a button to download all songs which I then pressed and then...presto, they all began downloading fully to the device (although it previously appeared to have already done so).  Give it a try.

  • Ganlie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is what I did based on some suggestions from several sites:

    1. Turn off your itunes match on your device (iphone)

    2. Connect your iphone to the computer where you keep all of your songs

    3. On the music tab, make sure you check 'do not sync' and uncheck all of your music playlist that you've checked before

    4. Click the sync button

    5. Disconnect the iphone

    6. Turn on the itunes match on your iphone back on

    7. The playlist will be downloaded online - or if you want them to show up faster, just connect the iphone back to your computer

    8.  You do have to download the songs into your iphone, if you want to keep your songs in the iphone

    ***** In summary, to make all of your songs show up on your device, your device needs to be free of any songs previously sync to it. 

    Now, all of my songs including the matched and the uploaded ones show up on my iphone.  I can either listen to it online by streaming, or download them into my iphone.  My advice is, if you listen to a particular playlist often, you should just download all the songs on that playlist by going all the way to the bottom of the list.  There is an option to download all the songs on that playlist, instead of individually.  Hope this works!  Good luck.

  • APPLE_koolade_GULP Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    iTunes Match... im a bit disappointed. I have the issue where songs that have been uploaded (not matched... its my own productions pre release) to itunes match appear the same as all other songs but in a given playlist half will NOT play. so annoying. now I'm going to go and do a manual synch because all of this turn itunes match off and back on and try again and wipe and try again and change meta data and wait or restore and try again is for the birds. I for one have drank the apple Koolade happily most times but itunes match is really chapping my hide. FOCKER OUT!

  • EntilzhaVeni Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Don't know if this was already answered but I had the songs showing on my IPHONE4s and also they would not play.  I called Apple Suppoirt and this is what they told me to do and it worked


    1. Open Settings

    2. Scroll down till you see MUSIC and open it

    3. Look for ITUNES MATCH and turn it off

    4. Go Back To settings and Click on GENERAL

    5. Once in General, Click on USAGE

    6. Go Back to SETTINGS main screen and click on MUSIC

    7. Turn ITUNES MATCH back on

    8. Then go back to SETTINGS

    9. Go to GENERAL then ITUNES WI-Fi Sync

    10. Click SYNC NOW (PLease be plugged in and using WIFI)

      This should get your songs back and working