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I purchaed my Macbook Air back in August'11.  I am having some issues with charging the laptop and am not sure if it is the laptop or the charger.  This has actually initially occured the first week I used the MBA, however it seems to be happenning more.  The below is what I experience.



- When MBA is turned off I will plug in the charger, and the charger light (green or orange) will not turn on.  If I leave it like this the MBA will not charge, hoever when I notice this and unplug it from MBA and plug it in again, it will usually turn green, then orange and charge normally.


- Sometimes when MBA is turned off and I plug in, the green light will turn on, and all of a sudden turn off in the middle of charging, and so my MBA will not fully charge.


- When MBA is on, I plug in, and it seems to be charging just fine (it even says on upper right of screen that it is charging) but then once in awhile i will look and the light on the charger will be off....and if I look on upper right of screen it will say "Not Charging" Again, if i unplug then plug in again it starts charging again just fine.



Can anyone shed some light on this if they have experienced the same thing?  This doesn't happen all the time, it seems pretty random to me.  



I know I should probably bring it in, but I'm curious if it sounds like it is the charger or the laptop itself (hopefully not).  I probably should have asked about it during the first week, but now that it is 3 months later, am I still covered in some way?


MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)