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Hi i am hoping someone can help the other night i got a pop up error message saying that the startup disk was almost full and that i was to delete files and empty my trash...I have now taken everything off itunes, iphoto ect and now all i have are firefox,vlc ect left on it but the message os still coming up...1 what is the start up disk and @ how can i fix it?? I only got my computer a few weeks ago so i am still unsure how how it works if any one can give me so info i would really appreciate it





MacBook Air
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    Before you do anything else, please take your machine to a Apple Store, you have 3 free months of care and they will assist you, perhaps you can take some classes how things work.


    Tell them you only had the computer for two weeks and the startup disk says it full, and you've deleted some items, they will know what to do.


    Your startup disk shouldn't have gotten so full so fast, something is clearly wrong and you need help in person, we can't assist you here I'm afraid as you don't know very much at this point.


    Ask about getting AppleCare and a TimeMachine drive, they will fix your machine right up.


    Good Luck Katie.