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iphone was working fine, playing music, facebook, emails, etc and had 42% battery...then I went to sleep. Woke up 2 hours later and phone is dead I put phone on charger and it does NOTHING!!! Help...what should I do. I see some past comments about a hard reset, but how do I do a hard reset if the phone wont come on????

iPhone 4, iOS 5, iPhone 4S
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    Charge it for 15 minutes with the wall charger, then disconnect. Hold the HOME and SLEEP buttons at the same time until an Apple logo appears; 10-15 seconds of holding may be required. This reboots the phone.

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    It came back on and I have it in the charger. Could you prehaps tell me what you think happened or if I should take it in the Apple Store.



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    There are a couple of possibilities. One is that the battery got very low, so the phone shut off to preserve memory. Normally it will come back on after 15 minutes of charging, however. The more likely cause is the operating system crashed (sort of like a Windows Blue Screen of Death). This can be caused by memory corruption, too many apps in memory, or bad data received. It's fairly common, and rebooting will fix it. One way to reduce the chance of it happening is to turn off the phone for a minute or so every few days, or perhaps once a week. To do this hold the SLEEP button until a slider to power off the phone appears. Wait about a minute after sliding it, then press SLEEP again to turn it back on.


    Holding the 2 buttons reboots the iPhone. The trick is to think of it not as a phone, but as a powerful pocket-sized computer that can also make phone calls.


    And Happy Thanksgiving to you, also.

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    Thank yo so much...... My iPhone 4 was doing the same thing and this fixed it.

    Thanks a million!!!

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    Ok, IF THAT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!

    This will,

    1. Remove the two screws at the bottom of your phone inorder to remove the backing.
    2. remove the back plate from your phone.
    3. locate the battery cable and screw that holds it in place. (its the big silver color thing by the bottom of the phone)
    4. remove the screw and detach cable by pulling up on silver thing.
    5. then snap it back on and replace the screw.
    6. Put the backing back on along with the two screws.


    now for the last step


    press the power and home buttons at the same time until the phone restarts