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i added my first song after upgrading to 4s. using icloud. still running 10.6.8 and have latest itunes/ios5 software.

1. only 1/4 of the songs synced and in the format that purchases from itunes take (i change things around to add lyrics

and everything is in caps). then i saw the 'autofill' button at bottom and selected 'music'. that added back and corrected alot but

a. alot of duplicates. when you go to delete the ones in the itunes format it says 'do you want to delete a downloaded song'

but the duplicate is the one i modified with everything in caps, the genre of song i selected (not itunes selection) and with lyrics.

trying to delete mine doesn't say i'm deleting a downloaded song. is it ok to delete the itunes 'version'?

b. 16 songs won't sync. all they say is go to itunes to find out.

c. all the playlists have disappeared. i'm afraid of going to autfill and selecting them. will that add more duplicates?