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I see there are a numerous amount of threads on lost/stolen iphones.

My phone has been stolen and I have a few questions about tracking it that havent been answered so far.


(Note that my iphone did not have an internet data plan on it. I used it only with wi-fi in all / most of the places I used to go.)


1.)If the thief deletes teh 'find my iphone' app, will I still be able to track it? (They would have been able to access the phone when it was stolen since I did not have a password on it. I am thinking they may have deleted this app first.)

2.)If they turn off the location services, then I won't be able to track them either right? (This is a possibility, but I find it hard to believe that they will use the iphone without connecting it to the net.)

3.)I set a remote lock on the phone. I beleieve if the password is entered wrong 10 times the phone will wipe. Will I still be able to track it afetr ot has been wiped like this? (If I choose to wipe it from www.icloud.com then I won't be able to track it any longer.)

4.)How easy is it to crack the password I set? I don't mean by guessing. I mean, can they take the phone to an 'iphone blackmarket specialist' who can bypass / reset the remote lock I put on it?

5.) How long does the find my iphone app keep a log of the iphone? If I do not locate it, and log into www.icloud.com one year later to see if i can find it now, would I still see it on 'my devices?" Or will it dissappear due to inactivity?


Getting an iphone stolen is not very nice. It's crushing. Investigate in a number of location based apps now.



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    The reality is this, if you have not located your phone by now, you can most likely kiss it good-by. Most thieves are well aware that when they steal an iPhone, to immediatelly turn the phone off...this defeats Find My Phone. Once off, they restore it as a new device in iTunes and slap it on eBay or Craigslist.


    Change all the passwords you ever used on the phone: email, iTunes, etc. Report to the police & your carrier.

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    Ok, but when I change my passwords, won;t the phone still download my emails from the server without prompting for a password?


    The mail app doesnt prompt for a password after the first time log on. So if the password is changed, I believe that the mail app will still continue to d/load emails, and allow access to my inbox.

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    When the thief wipes your phone, all of your data will be erased...since you have a passcode on the phone, the thief most likely won't even try to get past it, he/she will simply force the phone into recovery mode & restore it as a new device. You change all of your passwords as a precaution...same stuff you'd do it someone stole your wallet.

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    Normally, if you change your password, the saved password on device do not work anymore. (Well that's what the password is for)