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I'm a photographer and often travel internationally. Having experienced data loss before, I'm trying to remove this factor altogether by using a Mac Mini Server that I can connect to while on the road. I have Lion Server installed, but not sure if that's necessary for what I'd like to do. I'd love to hear some feedback regarding this if anyone has experience in this area. My workflow is 1. Shoot 2. Transfer Project Home 3. Process images later.  What I'd like to do:


- Send Aperture projects over the internet to my Mac Mini

- Add the projects to Aperture for backup


My Mac Mini setup:

- 2011 Mac Mini  |  2.3GHz i5  |  2GB RAM  |  500GB

- 2TB Mirrored RAID (hardware)

- External 3.5" SATA sled for offsite vault option

- iCloud Account with Back To My Mac *enabled*


My best guess says the easiest way to do this is to 'Connect As...' to initiate the transfer of the Aperture 3 project to the desktop. Once it's on the desktop, use 'Share Screen...' to drag this project from the desktop into the Aperture library. Because the Aperture 3 library resides on the external RAID-1 I won't have to update a vault at regular intervals, however I do have the external SATA sled to vault to for triple redundancy if necessary. Is this the most effecient procedure for updating remotely?


Thanks in advance for your time!


Graham  |  grahamclarkphoto.com

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    Hallo Graham,

    that is a tricky question you have posted. The best way to do what you want will depend on the circumstances you will find when you are travelling, as well as on the data rate you require.

    How big are your projects? Hundreds of huge RAW images or only a selected few?


    Are you travelling in well develloped regions with good and reliable internet connections, or are we talking of the outback, with no reliable internet and only two hours of electricity supply a day, and having to rely on your batteries?


    If we are talking about travelling to well develloped urban areas, with good quality internet, then the procedure you describe will work very well, I think. You will be able to transfer whole projects, even with huge file sizes.


    If you have a poor internet connection however, or the power going on and off intermittendly, I do not think you will be able to reliably transfer whole projects at once, you will have to do it in easy installments, and check each file afterwards, if the transfer was successful.


    Also it worries me a little bit, that you made no mention of backing up your images on site, or have I misunderstood your post? I never would rely on the images transferred by internet as the only backup, if you are not able to convince yourself that the transfer was o.k.




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    Thanks for the response!


    Images : Between 5GB - 50GB

    Internet Connection : Reliable and very fast

    Backup : Images transferred to remote 2011 Mac Mini reside on a RAID-1 drive, and on the laptop


    I see two options:


    1. Two Point : Transfer project to computer over internet using 'Connect As...' and verifying via 'Get Info' that the file sizes are equal

    2. Three Point : Transfer project to DropBox or other solution, and then offload it to Server


    Can you think of any others that might be more effecient?

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    I think both options are good, and I would recommend to keep both options open, when you are on the road. It would be preferable to get the images directly to your computer using 'Connect As...', but as your machine at home might crash, with nobody at home to boot it again, it might come in handy to have a drop box as well.

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    You could have a look at "Back to My Mac" screen sharing. I think it's still supposed to work under iCloud, it worked well in MobileMe.

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    I think it's still supposed to work under iCloud, it worked well in MobileMe.

    Yes, it is still available.

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    I've just re-read your suggested procedure and you are basically already suggesting BTMM , so I'm agreeing with you, that should be a good way to do it !! (I could never get an internet connection that would cope with it, we get less than 2Mbps here).


    I tried to copy our library to iDisk once, but it only allows a maximum 2GB file size, so that was no use.


    As regard backup, my wife dropped our Drobo earlier this year and cabbaged the hard drives, redundancy isn't always a perfect back-up! On the rare occasions we travel we make a vault of our library on an external drive and keep it seperate from the laptop, just in case. If you were to do this as well as backing up to home-base it'd give you three seperate backups in two locations which is a pretty secure backup.