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I receive an invite in iCal and double click the .ics file or drag it into iCal. When I accept the invite by clicking the notification button -> Accept it adds the event to my calendar but with an orange dot. I have two calendars, both on iCloud: Work (Blue) and Home (Green), I do not have a calendar that is color coded to orange and never have. When I click Get Info on the event I just added it says that it's assigned to my default calendar which is Work on iCloud. The problem is that it is NOT assigned to that calendar and does not sync properly over iCloud to my iPhone. I have to go into "Get Info" and select my Work calendar again, even though it's already the selected calendar. Once I do that the "Apply" button appears. I click Apply and it then changes the dot from orange to blue, and everything syncs correctly to my iPhone over iCloud. I have to do this EVERY TIME with every invite I accept. My understanding is that it should automatically assign it to my default calendar, but it is not.


Is anyone else having a similar issue?

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    I have this problem too.  I am using two calendars one for work and one for personal and I can never seem to get calendar invites to be accepted into my Personal calendar.  I have my personal calendar set up as my default calendar but everytime I accept an invite it goes into my work calendar which is shared with other people.  The only way it works is if I create the invite from my end and select the calendar it should go into.

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    I don't know why this happens, by default invites go to the last calendar in iCal. If you place your default iCal calendar in the end, all invites will go straight to it. I have been reading a lot of posts and it has been this way since 2008.



    Hope it helps...