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It is strange that my iCloud Mail always deletes my messages in the Trash folder after one week, no matter how the preferences are specified, as shown in the images, while the Junk folder behaves normally. This is really annoying and sometimes even disastrous! This happens after I upgraded my Mac mini (5,1) and MacBook (2,1) to Lion, and transfered my MobileMe account to iCloud.


Any clue? Your help or tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,839 points)

    It's beging to look like you are right, there have been a number of people experiencing this, I assumed they were making mistakes at first but it's looking more like a common problem.


    My only suggestion would be to move any important mail to saved folders frequently to avoid further loss.

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    Thanks for your prompt reply. At least now I know it is indeed a bug. Hope Apple's iCloud team will fix this bug soon.

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    In the last week or so, I finally find out where the problem is: it is the problem of lacking the necessary communication among iOS, iCloud, and Mac teams inside Apple, or even worse, lacking a strong leadership to guide these teams!


    In the iOS5, if you go to Settings > iCloud > Account > Advanced > Mail > Advanced [again! :-( ] > Deleted Messages > Remove, then you will find the options to choose when messages inside the Trash folder of the iCloud Mail will be removed (Never, After one day, After one week, or After one month). The problem is the default setting for iOS5 is "After one week," while those for www.iCloud.com and Mail of Mac OS X Lion are "After one month." No wonder my deleted iCloud messages were always removed after one week instead of one month. Who would expect the same mail service from the same company will have different default settings on different mail clients? And I don't think people in their right mind would expect they have to tap at least 8 times to dig out this mysterious setting that unnecessary buried deeply inside the menu. This make me wonder are we talking about a product from Apple or Microsoft? In my imagination, a genuine Apple way should be allowed users to set whatever setting they opt for and they will be confident that the same setting will appear on their other devices or software clients instantly.


    Sorry for the rant. Please correct such an annoying "feature" as soon as possible. Many thanks.

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    Nobody here can correct anything. You're just speaking to other end users like yourself here. Apple does not participate in these user-to-user discussion forums.


    If you've got something to say to Apple, do so through the correct methods:



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    Thank you for your information. Sorry, it's my fault. I have put my feedback to the correct place as per your direction.