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iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
Solved by Cosman on Dec 24, 2012 9:18 AM Solved

Sorry, doesn't work.  Neither does cmd-opt-F.  So far, I haven't found a way.

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    WRITING IN All capes means rudely SHOUTING on the internet just IN case you didn't know

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    I don't have mine activated, so I can't check, but you can check the Preferences in Facetime to see if there is an option. If not, then it does not support full screen - you can most likely drag on a corner to enlarge it to about the size of your screen.


    And, yes, typing in all caps is not necessary; it's much easier to read and we can hear you much better without it.

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    Drag the corner out to fill the screen, then have the person you're talking to turn their iPhone in the Landscape orientation.  (Horizontal).




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    Mac OS X

    Sorry, doesn't work.  Neither does cmd-opt-F.  So far, I haven't found a way.

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    doesn't work for me either. I downloaded FaceTime, and the camera is activated, but in trying to adjust the preferences (full screen, mute, landscape), these are all greyed out under Video menu...very frustrating.

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    (1) Launch FaceTime


    (2) Connect with one of your contacts.

        (You must be connected to activate full screen view.)


    (3) As soon as you have established two-way video, the controls appear at the bottom of the picture like this:




    If the controls go away, hover your mouse in the bottom of the picture.  The controls will reappear.


    (4) Click the diagonal double arrows at the right side of the control box to enter full screen view:




    (5) Clicking the diagonal double arrows again or pressing <esc> (Escape) cancels full screen view.


    (6) If the above doesn't work, restart Mac and try again.  Unless your software is damaged, the above works.



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    Mac OSX 10.8.2

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    This definitely WORKS! THANKS