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  • *MannyT* Level 1 (5 points)

    My wife's iPhone 4S was not making and ending calls. 


    This SOLVED the Problem


    Go to Settings,  General, Network and turn Cellular Data ON


    Try making calls (you may need to turn the phone off and on)

    if the unit functions you can turn it off again.

    This saved my wife considerable stress as her phone malfunctioned preparing for my son's birthday party.  Thanks to the one that found this simple solution.

  • phenix1408 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi everyone. I am from Spain and I have the same issue with my iphone 4s. I started with the iphone 4s at January 2012, and í am already very frustraded and irritated. I have restored it but after some time problems come back. After I make a call, the springboard gets stucked and freezed a few seconds. Sometimes more.

    It happens also that sometimes I cannot end a call because the screen stops answering.

    Or I cannot pick up an entering call while I am talking.

    Many times I have to close the app or restart the phone.

    The phone is not jalibreaked. Also having issues with whatsapp, sometimes when downloading a photo the app crashes and it returns back to the springboard. Sometimes when searching for a contact in whatsapp it freezes when entering the first letter at the keyboard.

    It is very annoying.

    I live at Canary Islands  so if I want to change the phone they'll take 2 weeks. That's why I have still not replaced it, but I am thinking of doing it. Maybe a lot of 4s iphones came with hardware problems.

    The carrier solution that somebody gives is no solution for me. No carrier updates.

    I have also read about going to Diagnostics and see if there is a PANIC.PLIST, because they say that involves hardware problems. In my case, I have a latestcrash.plist and also a latestcrash-whatsapp.plist and If i read it, it has stored the last time that the Whatsapp crashed with the photo issue.

    But the thing of the calls is very very very frustrating. This is my first Iphone, and I am very dissapointed. Everyone talks about Apple Iphones and say that the best thing is that Apple is very reliable, but with my first iphone so much issues.

    Would you recommend me to replace it? Anyone has replaced it and continue with the same issues?

    The thing is I know people with brand new 4s's as me and they have issues, but not so much as me. I have a problem with the iphone almost every day. When it's not a whatsapp freeze, it's a springboard freeze, or a freeze between calls, after calling, or also another issue about calls ending with Error...

    What do you recommend?

    Thanks to everyone in advance for your kind attention.

  • fidarana Level 1 (0 points)

    After weeks and multiple attempts, my phone is working finally without any problem for days.


    Aparently the problem is not with the iPhone in my case, rather some faulty software in iTune installed in my computre.


    I restored my phone couple of times to an earlier back up version - it did not work.


    I restored my phone to factory setting as a new phone - still it did not work.


    I restored my phone to factory setting as a new phone (while doing so, I unchecked all auto sync options on the same screen, you have to scroll down below while itune asks you to restore as a new device) - AND IT WORKED.


    Even since I did not connect my phone to my computer. I have been updating all applicatins by wifi. The phone is working perfectly.

  • phenix1408 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am not sure this will work. My problems started since the first or second day. And the first app I installed was whatsapp, which is behaving wrongly. I have not downloaded so many apps. I restore the phone and it is true that I sync all the apps from iTunes. Few weeks ago, I uninstalled whatsapp from the phone and downloaded it again from the store, and it  is still misbehaving.

    That , along with the main issue we are discussing here about the freezing after receiving calls, is very strange.

    What I don't know if it is a hardware problem, but I am telling you that I have the issues since the first day.

    I will try to follow your advice and restore again without syncing.

    But then when you want to install the apps you download them again from the store?


    Thanks for your reply.

  • hgvhtd Level 1 (0 points)

    When it freezes, try to turn on Celluar Data, wait for 5 seconds then turn it off. this is a temporary solution. (Settings - General - Network - Celluar Data)

  • NemoEgg Level 1 (0 points)

    turn on off the cellular data work for me thanks .

  • Kristi and Andy Level 1 (0 points)

    My daughter's replaced 4S just started freezing again (see my earlier emails about her old phone), and not coincidentally she had just the previous night synced with iTunes which she hadn't done in months. So it seems quite likely that it is software related and not due to hardware. We restored the phone to factory settings again and so far she has been free of freezes. Hopefully it won't happen again if she doesn't sync with iTunes, but then she can't pick up new movies that I've ripped.

  • UmairM Level 1 (0 points)

    I see most of you suggest switching Data on and off. In my scenerio, i have Data turned off by Rogers- Canada (on my request). What do i do, coz no matter how many time i turn on and off, it doesnt have any effect.

  • Tony Fox Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm on Fido in Canada and if you read my earlier posts you will see that I've been going through similar problems with my 4S. I don't have a data plan so switching cellular data off and on did nothing for me nor trying every suggestion posted in this thread. The only thing that worked and it was temporary was that I had to do a phone restore through iTunes which is ridiculous. After the 3rd time I got fed up and got Apple to replace my phone and the new phone has been going great for several months. Several of my friends with iPhones 4S have never had this problem. I am pretty sure it's a hardware defect that has surfaced and would recommend you getting the phone replaced. If it were software based like the problem with the battery issue it would be much more widespread and a fix would have been created for it. Solve your problem without further headaches and tell Apple you want another phone.

  • Tony Fox Level 1 (0 points)

    These temporary fixes like turning cellular data off and on or the people here that are afraid to use iTunes on their computer instead doing syncing over Wifi because the problem might return are just masking a hardware issue. You should not have to resort to implementing "work arounds" or any other "bandaid" solution on a $700-$800 phone. A phone should be working properly without trying all these bag of tricks people are suggesting. If it were software based in the iOS then don't you think millions of people would be having this same problem?

  • HazemG Level 1 (0 points)

    the same problem started with IOS 5 and its still the same.


    i started to lose me confedence in Apple!

  • MMCollins Level 1 (0 points)

    My 4s is stuck ending a call it does not let me turn it off or go to settings.  It's frozen. Please help.

  • MMCollins Level 1 (0 points)

    Tony I agree. And I need this phone.  How fast did Apple replace it? And how did you let them know the problem existed in order to get help.

  • Tony Fox Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi MMCollins I basically went to the Apple website under Apple support and filled in the necessary fields and got a call from Apple within 1 minute and gave them the details of the problem. They arranged an appointment with the Genius Bar at the local Apple store convenient for me. There an Apple rep flashed the phone with a different firmware and told me that it would fix the problem and if not they would replace it. Needless to say the problem came back within the week and so went through all the process again setting up another appointment with the local store. Apple replaced it on the spot within 5 minutes with a new phone. Couldn't be happier with the phone and the service. The iPhone I got has been trouble free for 7 plus months. The problem was definitely with the phone and I highly suggest you get a replacement from Apple. Good Luck!

  • MMCollins Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you Tony! This was extremely helpful.