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Have lost the Icon for the Telephone App.


As far as I know You can't delete native Apps like Message, Telephone and so on, but in some way I have manage to lost the icon (normal place bottom left of the 4 always shown on homepage) while organizing my apps in folders. Have searech for it in all Home screens and folders, did'nt pop-up after a reboot eighter. If I use any other way to make Calls - Contact Apps or alternative Dial Apps the App i started and is in Multi-Tasking tray. You also find it if You type in Telephone (or in my case, swedish language, Telefon) in search. You see the Telephone App icon (green square with withe telephone) in search result, and the app starts if You click on it in the search list.


Any Tips on how restore would bee appreciated!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, Swedish lanuage in phone