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    Easily said. And true that Fuji's "SilkyPix" is pretty horendous. But most pros use Aperture and/or LR to import files--AND do RAW conversion within that software. Few pros use Canon's DPP.


    When Apple lags months behind Adobe in implementation, Apple's users suffer. I've been forced to change my entire workflow, and the change costs roughly 1/3 more in time, which would be instantly saved if I could perform the same conversion in Aperture.


    Logical, right? And yet I wait on Apple. And as always, Apple doesn't even release a bulletin to users indicating when the next revision will address this.

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7 (25,715 points)

    Just curious but why did you buy a camera that was not supported by your image management and development software? 


    Especially as you know that Apple lags in implementing new cameras?

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    TOT (totally off-topic):   send sent {corrected} a message to the Crystal Everglades.


    (Yikes I can't type todya.)


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    Talk about TOT: what is Crystal Everglades?


    @Frank  I erred in that respect. One lives and learns.

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    Adobe is not always faster. Apple added Canon T3i RAW support well before Adobe did. It does happen.

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    Mr Caggiano:

    Are you joking?

    I hope so.

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    He's not. We're supposed to assume that cutting edge technology is something Apple users should wait to acquire, that is, wait until it's no longer cutting edge because it's well known that "Apple lags in implementing new cameras."


    As I noted earlier, Apple dwarfs Adobe in sheer size, technical know-how and financial power, but its loyal base is left waiting for months after Adobe has implemented RAW for new cameras and moved on.

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6 (12,470 points)

    You are supposed to not assume anything.


    You know what is currently available.  Frank's question was pointed, but not misdirected.


    Part of the loggerheading here is a mis-understanding of what this forum is.  Apple officially does not read it.  Frank, myself, and others are just users helping other users -- astonishingly, for free.  I get nada zilch goose-egg zip rien from Apple (at 5,000 pts I got a form email telling me how I should feel).  Using the forum as a place to complain gets you nothing.


    Your relationship to Apple is almost immeasurable asymmetric.  The hard truth is that Apple does not listen to any single user.  You can't change Apple.  All you can change, is yourself. 


    Buy tools that allow you to do the work you want to do.  The converse is folly.

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    Mr Krieger:


    We certainly assume that Apple is not reading this forum at all.

    (although Im somehow, sure that they do glance more than once on it. )

    I never did expect Apple to give any solution through this, and, as you correctly say, it's a tool for mutual help, that works pretty well sometimes.

    Anyhow, I strongly believe as well, that a company must change always towards their consumers needs.

    Fuji, in fact, with the X10, and the X100 models made very important changes listening straight forward what photographers claimed for.

    You are Absolutelly right.

    A company may apply policies, in the way they consider.

    But the root and the essence of a company is the customer.

    Apple is already too long ignoring users.

    I don't buy a camera to adapt it to my workflow.

    I do not adapt my foot to the shoe but the opposite.

    ( please excuse my english)

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    Mr Krieger,


    I'm sure your comment was meant to be constructive. It wasn't. No one wants to waste their time, including me and you both. If you get "nada zilch goose-egg zip rien from Apple," for your work "helping other users" and are unhappy about it, this thread isn't a place for you, nor for your comments. Further, if you can't help regarding the subject, don't waste cyperspace telling us that Apple "does not listen." That's not helpful, and all the points you've earned volunteering here don't earn my sympathy.


    The fact remains that Apple is remiss, inexcusably slow and ultimately hurting themselves with their disinterest in customer support. As Henry the VII states, "the root and the essence of a company is the customer." These complaints are legitimate, whether they are followed by Apple or not.

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    Call me Kirby  .


    I don't dispute the validity of the complaint.  This is not the place for it.


    The topic was answered.  If you care to, start a new topic "My rant about Apple's ignoring this customer's needs regarding converting RAW files from a recent-released Fuji camera".

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7 (25,715 points)



    Just replied to your e-mail lets see if that gets to you.



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    Fuji's X10 firmware update 1.03 from Feb7 states the following:



    5.Compatibility on Mac OS 10.7

    When the camera is connected to Mac PC on Mac OS 10.7, the camera is effectively recognized. Additionally, compatibility on RAW FILE CONVERTER EX with Mac OS 10.7 has been confirmed.



    Does anyone know what this "RAW FILE CONVERTER EX" is?  DOes this mean that somehow OSX's raw file converter can now read the X10 raws?  I thought this required a specific update of the OS converter for that camera?



  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7 (25,715 points)

    Unless the mess-up was something in their firmware or file format.


    Don;t have the camera so can;t test it. It would be interesting to hear from someone who does and has applied the camera update.

  • Henry the VII Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    No idea of what  "RAW FILE CONVERTER EX" is, but i actualized the firmware right after your post and Aperture still does not recognize it.

    Apple still laugh at us....