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I have an iPhone 4. When I try to update Apps, I get an error message warning that I can't update Apps using the US store, and 'redirects' me to the UK store. I only have a UK account in the first place, and all the Apps were bought from the UK store. Even after this 'redirection', the Apps won't update. Baffled.

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    On your computer, verify what iTunes store you're signed into...lower right, you'll see a flag...if the US flag, click it and change to the UK store...then sync your phone.

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    No, it's already set to the UK store, and I can update the Apps on the Mac fine, and then synch to the iPhone via the computer fine. The problem only occurs when I try to update or buy Apps on the iPhone. Weird.

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    I have been having the same problem with updating my apps on iphone 4s.


    a message comes up and says "Account not in this Store" and my account  is not valid for use in the U.S. store!!

    I have never purchased anything from the US app store. This problem only happened when I updated the iphone last week!!

    Can someone help?

    On my itune account I am already registered in the UK setting.


    Come on Apple whats going on with your recent updates!!