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Just noticed that the internal microphone on my ipad 2 64 GB (white) is not working. I even tried to record a video to see of it was an application problem but the video did not record sound either and just recorded static. I am still on the 4.3.3 firmware and haven't ever had any problems.


Thank you in advance for your help.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
  • Fred*M. Level 4 (2,385 points)



    That sounds like a loose microphone connection inside the iPad.  If you can demonstrate it to an Apple Store Genius, you may get a new iPad on the spot.


    If there are no Apple Stores nearby, search for an Apple Authorized Repair Center near you.  They should be able to do warranty repairs.



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    will apple store genius give us a brand new ipad or what if we have problem with the microphone?

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    The iPad 2 has been out less than a year, so it is still under warranty.  Apple should repair or replace.  Whether they replace with a new or reconditioned unit, I can't say.


    For an out-of-warranty unit, an Apple Authorized Repair Center may be your best bet, since it is probably an easy repair.


    I suggest you verify that the problem exists in at least two Apps.  One I use is the free Skype App.  Skype has a test server you can call, that will record and play back your voice.


    If the microphone works sometimes but not others, try resetting (rebooting) the iPad.  Hold both the Home and Sleep buttons for several seconds until the Apple logo appears.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" arrow.  The iPad will restart after a couple of minutes.  Resetting this way will not hurt anything, and sometimes clears up mysterious problems.



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    Hello Fred,


    Thanks very much for your suggestion. Took the iPad into the Apple store Genius Bar today and they replaced the iPad. Im assuming it was as you said a loose microphone cable or something else that was faulty with the iPad. Got to love that Apple Care. Thanks very much.



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    did they give you the new ipad with the box or what?

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    if we have problem with the mic and we are in warranty so will they change the new ( 100% ) ipad or just give us the refurbished ipad ?

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    The iPad they gave me was out of a cardboard box that was labelled replacement iPad.  I'm sure it was a refurbished one but it is still new as everything works and the exterior has no scrateches or dents. So no it didn't not com in the shiny original Apple iPad box.

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    they must got too many of them returned.....now they look for any sort of unrelated cosmetic damage to get out the warranty.  nice.

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    i hope you don't loose it again, then what do you do. they refuse to accept mine as defective.i have to pay $240.00 to swap out a new one. they must know there is a problom. they told me not to believe all the things i read on line about others loosing their mic. i am very angry with them.

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    Yours must be out of the one year warranty.  If it is still in warranty, they should either repair or replace it with one that works.  Ask to talk to a manager if they refuse to honor the warranty.


    If out of warranty, it might pay you to look for an Apple Authorized Repair Center.  There may be one in your city.  They should be able to fix a bad microphone for less than $240.  <Apple Authorized Repair Centers>



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    hi everyone


    my ipad's 2 microphone is not working anymore. even with  the headset its not working. There is alao no waranty since its almost 2 years old. i guess according to the discussion above. i have to send it to apple service center. but i would like to know the reparing cost for the microphone!


    Any feedback is appreciated