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I am having trouble with the Mail on my iPhone 4.


Last night, I was typing an e-mail and decided to save it as a draft. I hit "Save Draft" and the mail did not save. I went to my Inbox and the iPhone kept saying "Checking for Mail". I then went to my various folders and there were no e-mails in them. Once again, the iPhone kept saying "Checking for Mail".

To check the connection, I deleted a few emails from the Inbox on my iPhone, and then I accessed the e-mail account via my MacBook... but the mails were still there in the Inbox!!

To let you know, when I access Yahoo Mail from my MacBook, it works perfectly fine, every time.


I have so far:

  • Turned my iPhone off and back on
  • Rebooted it
  • Restored it
  • Deleted my mail account and added it again....
  • All without success!


What do I do about this issue?

I use my Mail every hour every day, so it is extremely frustating...




Note: I have Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.

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    It sounds like you have a corrupt email in your inbox.


    Try this:


    Delete the mail account from your phone.


    Turn the phone off and back on.


    Go into your mail account on your laptop. Create a new mail folder and call it whatever you like. Move all the emails from your inbox into it.


    Add the email account back onto your phone and open up Mail.


    Good luck!

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    You just made my day!

    I moved the folders to a new folder, deleted the mail account, installed the mail account, and then moved them back again... it worked.

    Thank you so much man!!