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I'm in the process of bulding an internet radio station. 


The hardware:  PowerPC G5 dual 2 GHz, 2.5 GB RAM, OS-X 10.5.8.  Partnered with a 3 TB G-SAFE raid.

The software:  iTunes 10.4.1, MegaSeg 5.7.3


MegaSeg is a piece of software designed for internet radio and DJ purposes.  It integrates with the iTunes library.


I started out using a LaCie external drive while I loaded music.  That drive performed flawlessly.  I could have MegaSeg playing music while iTunes imported CDs.  I even could have MegaSeg, iTunes, and the QuickTime Player all playing songs while iTunes was importing a CD, and never had a hiccup.


But I wanted a truly large storage system, and the security of a RAID.  So I bought the 3 TB G-SAFE. 


The problem is that every 2 minutes and 3 seconds, music from MegaSeg pauses.  The length of the pauses varies from a mere hiccup to a noticeable pause, but it happens every 2:03. 


The pause does not happen when I use iTunes or QuickTime Player with the G-SAFE.  The pause does not happen when I use MegaSeg with the LaCie drive or the internal drive.  Nothing I do changes the interval or duration of the hiccups.  Whether I do a cold start, launching only MegaSeg, or have iTunes running, surf the internet, and upload CDs, the hiccups sconsistenyly happen every 2:03.


G-SAFE assures me that the drive cannot be the culprit, since it functions as expected with most utilities, and the AJA performance tests are good.


MegaSeg assures me that the problem can't be with their software, since it functions properly with other drives. 


So, what is the deal?  What is the system doing every 2:03?  I've stared at the Activity Monitor for hours on end, and there's no striking correlation between any system activity and the pauses.  There is a weak correlation with a minor write access, but it's not consistent, and the system does not hiccup during much more pronounced write activities.


What I've tried:

-reformatting the G-SAFE

-repairing permissions, zapping PRAM

-disabling or enabling about every option MegaSeg has to offer

-force quitting the MIDI process (suggested by the MegaSeg developer)

-cold starting and launching only MegaSeg

-runing AJA system performance tests on the G-SAFE

-crossing my fingers


Please help!


Tom G

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