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iTunes Match is not syncing with my new iPhone. The Music Library on my phone says "No Content". My Apple ID is the same for iTunes and iCloud and everything that needs to be enabled on my phone is...when I plug in my phone it says that my iphone can access music in iCloud, but my phone still shows "No Content" no matter what I do. Whats going on? The only reason I paid $25 for this is to be able to get iTunes Match on my phone!

iPhone 4, Windows 7
  • mauijiminar Level 4 Level 4 (1,660 points)

    You have to down load the songs you want from the cloud. Open the music app and they sing in the cloud will appear. You also have to turn on I tubes match on you phone. Go to settings, music, turn on match

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    Thank you mauijiminar...but when I open the music app, nothing appears (it says "no content"). I'm able to open my Itunes app, and click on "purchased" which shows around 300 songs. I have way more than that so it looks like its only showing puchased songs...and even then its not showing all of them. I'm not sure where my music is supposed to be? In iTunes it says "1375 songs are now available in iCloud", but they're nowhere to be found on my phone...


    I also have iTunes Match turned on on my phone in settings already. I've tried turning it on and off to see if that would "activate" it but that isn't working.

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    I had the same problem, until I selected "Shared" from the More options in the Music App on the iPhone.  All my music from iTunes Match was under a 'shared' play list.  Hope that helps.

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    I'm having the exact same problem. Any solutions work yet? My music app won't even let me select any options in it

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    I managed to get it to work, but I don't even know how. What I did do was reformat my phone (basically wipe everything on it), which is kind of a last resort, but I had just purchased the phone that day so luckily I didn't have a whole lot on it anyway. Even after that, it was still not working. I kind of gave up but after a little while I decided to click on the music app and the cloud icon came up and my music appeared. Sorry if that's not very helpful...I really don't know why it randomly started working, but maybe reformating the phone did the trick.

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    I did a hard reboot, hold the top and square button until it reboots.  Then I was able to go to music and after about 5 seconds all my iCloud music showed up.  I battled this for a day and this worked, so I don't know if it was the hard reboot or it took a day for the Match program to actually start talking with my iPhone.  It is a fustrating program.

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    I was having the same problem but in piecing together info from a couple of forums, here are the two key items I did to make things work -


    1.  Settings -> Music : iTunes Match and Show All Music "ON"


    2.  Settings -> Store : Make sure the correct Apple ID is there and that Use Cellular Data is "ON".


    I then reloaded the Music program and waited a few minutes - it cleared out the library stored on the phone and all the iTunes Match options appeared. 


    Hope that helps !

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    I was having the same problem until I signed out of my account on my iphone and then signed back in.  Once I did that, my imatch songs were there. 

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    ... this worked for me, thanks a ton.

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    I got a brand new phone and my library was not showing up as well. I managed to get my library to show up by going to:

    Settings > Store

    I enabled automatic downloads and allowed download over cellular network because I was not connected to wifi at that point. Twins worked for me.

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    worked perfectly thanks so much

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    I share my computer with my partner and have a shared iTunes library. I couldn't see his purchases until I did the More -> Shared solution on my iPhone.


    I then check my Library.


    It's a nice option but king of confusing at first.

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    I forgot to mention that the shared option only appears when iTunes is open in the computer that is shared! and on the WiFi network!


    So this option won't work for us.


    Does anyone know how to get the computer Library to sync to the iPhone? My iPhone settings say my iPhone can acess music in iCloud but the songs he purchased for our shared library are not in the Cloud. (yet).

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    Well, after a weekend of complete disaster and nightmares for iTunes Match, everything is back to normal except one major flaw that's really annoying me.


    On friday no other tracks but the matched ones would stream on either my Apple TV or my secondary computer. They wouldn't download if I wanted them to on this secondary computer. Music videos included.


    Later last evening every track on iCloud started working properly again. Except music videos. They'd not download on my secondary computer. They wouldn't stream on my Apple TV. I did some tests and out of 208 music videos currently compatible with iCloud (because they were purchased with the same account) only 3 actually stream and download. So either this is part of the temporary breakdown iTunes Match has been suffering, or because of it my music videos are corrupted.


    I've contacted Customer Support 4 times to no avail so far regarding a response. Either I can play/download my music videos again or one of the main features for me of iTunes Match on my Apple TV is absolutely broken and useless.


    Apple really needs to address this and solve my problem. Otherwise iTunes Match is only partially working. What would the use of buying music videos at the iTunes Store would be for me from now on???

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