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Brand new to the iPad community!


How do I "import" pdf files to the iPad, for use by pdf reader and/or annotation apps?


I have some of the appropriate apps, but whenever I try to sync pdf files ("books"), I get a message that I need iBooks to read pdf files. And when I install iBooks, I see my pdf files but only in iBooks, not the other apps!?


What am I doing wrong?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    In iTunes, select the iPad under DEVICES.  Click on Apps at the top of that window and scroll down to File Sharing.  Select the App you want to read the PDF file and drag your file into the document window.  You may also select Add at the bottom of the Document window.



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    thanks Fred, now I know & have done it successfully.  Lotar

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    You can also email yourself with the PDF's as attachments.

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    You could also try DropBox. DropBox allows you to copy a document into a folder on you PC or Mac. The documents will automatically be made available to your DropBox app on your iOS devices.  From the DropBox app you can open in apps that support the open in function.

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    Thanks all for helping with advice -- there's lots to learn moving from a PC laptop environment to a brand new iPad.  Even so, e-mailing yourself as a "file transfer" seems like merely a high-tech version of "sneaker-net", as well as a waste of ever-scarcer bandwidth! And DropBox is only an alternative for non-confidential stuff, the Patriot Act makes it's use (for that matter, even the use of e-mail or the cloud generally) nfg for anything confidential -- in my case, client financial & tax data. So I knew there HAD to be a non-wireless way to do it. So thanks, Fred!