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I have a few questions as I am about to receive my first ipod Touch.  Please forgive my ignorance.  I've had a few 5G nanos but that's pretty much just itunes stuff; I'm not really apple-experienced and even on my (non-Apple) touch phone, I'm not very app-oriented.


1) Although my 32GB Touch is twice the size of my 16GB Nano, it's not enough to hold all my music so I hope to stream from icloud to my car- which is where I generally use the ipod.  Since the Touch doesn't have 3G (right?), my plan is to stream from my icloud to my phone which will be plugged into my car stereo.  It's not clear to me if there's an app to access icloud from an android device.  Possible?


2) I currently have an amazon cloud because I briefly owned the Kindle Fire.  I was sorely disappointed when I uploaded my entire itunes library, only to find that 60% of it was not allowed due to DRM restrictions.  Many of those songs were off of personal CDs, while others were off various websites.  I have very few "illegal" songs, so it was a surprise to me that so many were rejected by amazon.  If I understand itunes Match correctly, $25 will allow me to bypass any DRM restrictions- so long as the song is available on itunes (so most albums should be okay).  And what about the more unusual songs- live performances, underground covers, etc.?  If there's no match in itunes, will they be subject to DRM restrictions?  Do under-the-radar mp3s circulating on the internet have DRM restrictions anyway?


     2a) I note that the description of Match covers "music you've imported from CDs or purchased somewhere other than itunes."  Is this "purchased" an important distinction?  I have many songs that I've legally but freely downloaded off of various music websites.


3) If I'm paying for the Match service, am I still limited to 5GB cloud storage?  Do matched songs count against the 5GB?



iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1
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    iCloud works much more smoothly when on an iPhone, so I would recommend using that instead of an Android device. Sorry I made you read that, I just really hate Android after experience with it. Anyway, you can access iCloud data on an Android device but it requires a third party app and I hear that it is difficult to set up.


    iTunes Match does allow you to pass restrictions and store music that is NOT purchased in iTunes in the cloud. With standard iCloud services, you can only store music purchased in iTunes.

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    Also forgot to mention: to use this app to sync data to an Android IT COSTS MONEY!!!

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    Thanks for your succinct answers.  I do still have a few questions:


    1) I understand that Match will let me store music that I purchased elsewhere, but what about an mp3 I downloaded from a random website for free, or a bootleg recording of a show?  Does that stuff get uploaded or denied?


    2) Let me clarify that I intend to do any significant interaction with my icloud on my ipod, but to simply stream random music or to play specific podcasts in the car, I'll probably stream through my android phone.  So... what I think you're saying is that there are apps that will allow me to stream from my icloud to my android phone, even if you didn't care for the one(s) you tried?


    3) Does the $25 Match subscription come with unlimited storage?  If not, does everything count against your storage limit except for what you buy directly through itunes?


    4) When you say the app to sync data to an android costs money, do you mean like $.99 or $5.99 instead of free, or do you mean that I'll need to pay monthly for a special kind of data processing though my phone company?  I use Sprint- I'm pretty sure my data use is unlimited (if not entirely reliable).


    Thanks again.

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    1) Yes it will, any content you put in your computer's iTunes library will be stored.


    2) Yes there are third-party apps to sync content, but not sure about streaming.


    3) There is a 25,000 song limit, that's all.


    4) App costs $2.99 but I can't remember if there is a monthly fee... think there was.

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    Okay thanks.  My use of icloud will not be very sophisticated.  I've always hated that I had to pick and choose specific songs off my CDs in order to fit a broad range of stuff on my ipod's 16GB.  I think of the cloud as an eventual repository of all my music that I'll probably always keep on shuffle.  Any song could come come up at any time.  That being the case, I would definitely want in my app the option to stream a random feed of songs from my icloud, as opposed to still having to control on some level the (admittedly larger) contents of my ipod.

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    so wait where do we look for the extra app to get the music of the iCloud to Android phone?