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This is the weirdest thing ever. I got my iPhone 4S two weeks ago, Siri was working well enough (I'm in Italy so no location-based stuff but still). But recently I noticed that Siri has disappeared from my iPhone! If I long-press the Home button it just gives me the voice control. If I go to Settings, there's NO Siri option in General, or wherever. I recently changed my SIM card and maybe that caused it, but can anyone give me any pointers? 

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, Windows 7
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    I ve got a new Iphone ...Siri is sort of there, but its a bit dumb..wants to call people when I ask what the weather is , but  like cklick drag ...there is no siri in settings general ...whats going on ?

    any one help us ?

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    Same issue here (in US).  It was there, and working well, and then it just disappeared.  It's no longer an option in settings.  The only thing I've read on this (from other people with the same problem) is that it has "sometimes" been fixed by doing a complete backup of the phone, then doing a factory reset of the device itself, and then restoring from the backup.  Some people have apparenlty done this successfully and some have not.  It might be worth a try.  I'm waiting to see if others are successful with that myself. 


    Oh, I also read where some people with this problem were able to find Siri in the 'Restrictions' section of Settings, and making a change there made it show up back in the top section of settings, but that didn't help me.


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    Alright, I fixed it but I had to not only restore my iPhone but do it as a "new iPhone", thus wasting one of my five-device limit slots. Anyway, Siri is back up after that.