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I'd like to know how to control Logic 8's transport bar from my Edirol PCR 800 keyboard.


The keyboard has buttons for: I< (Rewind?), Stop, Play and Record, but they need to be set up.


If anyone is using their PCR 300/500/800 keyboard in this way could they please let me know how they did it?

Edirol PCR-800, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Logic Pro 8.0.2
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    Open the Key Commands, select the function (Play, Stop etc) and click on the "Learn New Assignment" button at the bottom right of the Ket Command window. Press the appropriate button on the PCR.



    Continue with all the required functions.


    Note, it can be helpful to map the 'Stop' function first.




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    Thanks CCTM!


    I did as you said and I managed to get the Stop button on the PCR to control the Stop function of Logic's transport bar. Progress at last! :-)


    Then I tried to do the same for Play... that's when I hit a snag: the PCR sent the same MIDI message:


    B0 52 Lo7 which Logic says is "Control Change, Ch 1, 82, Lo7"


    It sends the same message from all its transport buttons. I have the PCR Editor V2 software, so I could change the messages, but I'm not sure what to tell the buttons to send. Can you advise me further?


    I have to admit, I also need to ask how to get rid of all the "No message received yet" and "-" comments that show up in the Control and Parameter colums of the Control Assignments > Expert View window.


    Rather embarrassing! (Ahem!)

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    OK, sussed it.


    To make this work I now have the following setup:


    PCR Button          Logic Function               Key Command Assignment


    I< (L1)                  Play from Beginning       B2 13 Lo7


    Stop (L2)              Stop                              B2 15 Lo7


    Play (L3)              Play                              B2 16 Lo7


    Record (L4)          Record                          B2 17 Lo7



    Many thanks to CCTM for setting me on the right path. The rest was just down to messing with until it did what I wanted it to do. Not a method I'd recommend for results in a hurry!



    Maybe this'll help some other PCR/Logic 8 users.



    Righto... back to making music! :-D



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    Ok... this is a major thread ressurection but decided to to anyway since I thought it might be helpful.


    I just got the Edirol PCR-500, just borrowing it really. What I found really helpful was going to to the Roland site and downloading all of the most recent updates/drivers and other files. Reading the manual really helped me in getting the PCR to work wihtin Logic. I actually had to update the software of the PCR itself, and that was a whole thing in of itself.


    Once I did that, it was just a matter of loading the Logic Maps found on the Roland site and sending them to the PCR. All the transport controls are mapped perfectly and you even have the option of editing the Logic Map presets according to your liking.


    I like going the Control Map route rather than assiging key commands or Midi Learn because then there's little chance for things to fail, especially since you can save the Control Map both on your computer and withihn the PCR itself. I tried Midi Learn and Logic (or the keyboard) forgot the assigments within minutes.

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    Great stuff! Thanks for the reminder, rennyz27.


    Here are the links to Roland's support pages for the PCR series keyboards:


    PCR-300: http://www.roland.com/support/article/?q=information&p=PCR-300


    PCR-500: http://www.roland.com/support/article/?q=information&p=PCR-500


    PCR-800: http://www.roland.com/support/article/?q=information&p=PCR-800


    Just make sure you get the correct downloads for your computer and operating system and take things slowly and carefully. After that, have fun! :-D



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    Hey, no problem!