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I've got an Apple TV 2 and a MBP in the same room. I've managed to pair the Apple TV's remote with the AppleTV (by holding menu and right for 5 seconds) so that the MBP's white remote now does not work with the AppleTV.


I just cannot get the AppleTV's remote to stop working with the MBP though. I've tried pairing the MBP's remote with the MBP and after doing so the Security & Privacy system preferences panel now states "This computer will only work with the paired remote", but both remotes still affect it. This makes home sharing useless as I cannot control my music being shared by my MBP while it's on without causing iTunes to start acting up on my MBP.


I've even tried selecting "Disable remote control infrared receiver" and this doesn't do anything either. All remotes still work!


Thanks in advance for any help.





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