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I got my iPhone 4s in the UK and am loving it.

I bought it from the Apple store in the UK.

All is well.

I am just interested as to what happened in the set up process.

I believe that I unboxed it, opened up the sim tray and popped in the `Sim from my iPhone 4.

I recall that it automatically woke up and I did not have to press the start button.

I recall that a message appeared on the screen such as Sim recongnised or inserted or whatever.

Could that have been the case as it had not yet "started"

All the above did not cause a problem or issue, but I am intrigued as to how they ship and are they ready to be "woken up" by inserrting a sim.

The above I guess will be different in different countries

Mine is an unlocked phone direct from Apple and in the UK.

As I say, I do not need to know but am intrigued as to other's experience..

Thanks in advance



(ps if this is all I have to worry about, all must be well with the world!!)

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1