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I've recently upgraded Aperture to 3.2.1. The crop tool now works differently after the rotation tool has been used to twist a picture and it can be really frustrating.


Is there a way to revert to the way the crop tool used to work? I've looked but can't find one.




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    This article doesn't say how to revert the tool, but it explains what is happening and why: Aperture 3.2: New behavior when applying both crop and straighten adjustments to a photo

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    - Thanks for that.


    Yes that makes sense, I just wish there was an option to use it the way it used to work.


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    Just uncheck the Straighten Adjustment, crop, and then recheck Straighten.  This will (I'm pretty certain) give you the exact same result as you are used to.


    Fwiw, I'm in the camp that thought the old method was flawed, and am very glad to see that Apple finally corrected this.

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    Thanks Kirby,


    Most of the pictures I prepare are from equestrian events so if I were to crop and then straighten, a head, hoof, tail or other part could disapear outside of the crop rectangle (or be too close to the edge) when the Straighten adjustment is rechecked and the picture rotated.


    With the way it used to work I could straighten first then when cropping I could see exactly what would be within the crop rectangle as I dragged it out.


    With the way the crop tool now works if you start cropping an already rotated picture you can go so far and then hit the rotated edge of the picture and only then realise that you should have started at a different point. When you've got a few hundred to do this gets a bit frustrating.


    Perhaps I'll get used to it (or learn to take straighter pictures) but it would be great to have an option that turned the new way on/off.




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    Hi Dave.  I'm still thinking about this.  .


    In the meantime, here is a work-around that may be useful to you.


    Create a "New Version from Master" of any landscape-oriented Image created when you imported a file from the camera you regularly use.

    Open the Crop adjustment tool, and using the cursor, select the entire Image.  Your crop parameters should be:

    x     0

    y     0

    Width     {pixel width of your digital file}

    Height     {pixel height of your digital file}

    Lift this adjustment.  Uncheck anything else that shows in the Lift & Stamp HUD.

    Stamp this adjustment on all landscape-oriented Images in a Project (say, your most recent event).


    Now when you use the Straighten tool, you will see the auto-crop box that Aperture used to use by default (and hide from the user).  You can then -- simply type "c" to change from the Straighten tool to the Crop tool -- change the crop as you see fit, starting from the old default crop, while still seeing your entire original Image in its straightened orientation.


    Repeat for portrait-oriented Images.



    . "Crop" cannot be part of an Adjustment Preset -- hence making a "full-crop" template and using Lift & Stamp.

    . You'll have to do this for every camera you use, and for each of the two orientations (portrait and landscape).

    . Can't think of any way around the portrait/landscape fork, but "Orientation" is one of the Browser's built-in sorting parameters.

    . This applies a Crop Adjustment to all Images, and thus renders useless filtering for, e.g., "Has Crop Adjustment".

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    Thanks Kirby,


    I've tried that on a couple of pictures and it seems to work ok.


    I'll give it a proper try out this weekend when I'll have a full batch of several hundred to work through.


    Hopefully by then my new graphics card will have arrived too and I'll be able to report if upgrading from a Nvidia GT120 to the ATI HD5770 makes any difference to Aperture's performance. Hopefully it will!


    Many thanks,