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HI all

Sorry if this is posted on the wrong part of the forum.


However I have bought a samsung ML-1865W printer to use with my MBA.  I dont have a superdrive, so went on to samsung website to download the drivers to my MBA. Which I have done.


I have managed to connect my new printer via usb cable to my MBA and it works fine.  However, when I disconnect the USB cable and try and add my printer wirelessley through wifi, it does not give me that option and not an option to add this printer or even show the printer.


I have checked apple's webste and it is a printer that is supported on Lion OSX. However I am simply unable to connect it.  Samsung website is useless and is unable to help me either.  On top of that I am geting a weird wifi name when I look at my available wifi's. I have one called portthru and it has in gray device written above it.  I have tried to connect to this as it is open network thinking it might be to do with my printer. However I get nothing.


Can anyone help please?


thanks in advance

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    The printer and your computer need to be on the same network, which will be the one your Mac is connected to, join the printer to it and you will be able to continue.

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    At the moment at home I have 1 wifi router, my iphone and mba are connected to it. So I persume the printer is connected to it too though.  But simply wont give me an option to show the printer on my add printer section.

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    abz1981 wrote:



    At the moment at home I have 1 wifi router, my iphone and mba are connected to it. So I persume the printer is connected to it too though.

    If you have not joined the printer to the network it is not connected, turning the printer on is not enough, did you, or not?

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    I have turned the printer on and off. However this printer does not have a display that allows me to join the network.  It has got a wps button which I pressed and  that has not given me much luck either. So i am persuming its automatically connecting to the network. 

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    Read the printer manual, I am presuming that it is not doing anything at all, and won't without your help/

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    I have read the manual. Thats why I came here to see if anyone else knew how to deal with this printer, if they had the same one.  Anyways thanks anyway.

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    I had the printer connected to my wifi network before, but I've recently moved house and lost my install cd that came with the printer.

    There was somewhere a utility that allowed you to set up the printer network settings manually, but can't figure out how to get to those settings now.


    Anyone has some help on how to manually set up this printer for wi-fi if you havn't got the install cd?


    Many thanks,




  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,900 points)

    abz1981 wrote:




    I have read the manual. Thats why I came here to see if anyone else knew how to deal with this printer, if they had the same one.  Anyways thanks anyway.

    From your description of what has transpired so far I think your printer is not connected to your network, so it will not work.

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    I have just bought a Samsung ML-1865W printer to use with my MBA and have exactly the same problem as you describe above!


    In searching for a solution I came across your posts but am unsure whether you reached a satisfactory conclusion?


    If you did - would you advise how you resolved it as I have the same issue with my wife's MBP and I am hoping that the fix works for both MBA and MBP?



  • abz1981 Level 1 (0 points)



    to be honest. I returned my printer back to the store I bought it from.  I managed to find that this printer is not supported on Lion OS X, despite it saying on Apple's site that it is.

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    Thanks for prompt reply - post my query to you I have downloaded the Samsung App to allow my iPad to wirelessly connect to the ML-1865W and have emailed Samsung to test their reaction to MBA/Lion connectivity and will update this post on receipt of their reply(?)  regards

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    Hi! Have you had any answer from Samsung or Apple?


    I have a MacBook Pro with Lion, and, like all of you, I connected the printer via USB, installed the Lion driver through the Macbook itself, BUT there is no way to connect the printer via Wifi.


    The original CD, I have it, has a utility called Wireless Setting, which worked OK in Snow Leopard. But the CD is from last September, and I don't want to risk using an old piece of software that might wreck components of Lion OS.


    Any idea if Apple or Samsung has a Lion-compatible Wireless Setting version that I can safely install?


    Any technician from either company out there, who would be able to reliably advise me? I can't afford to have Lion wrecked again....



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    I did receive a reply from Samsung which I will repeat below but I am afraid it did NOT help.


    My solution was to purchase Printopia which allows the iPad to wirelessly print to the Samsung Laser using the MBA as a print server, i.e MBA has to be open and powered up. Ditto printing from my iPhone or old MBP. Works fine and reliably albeit a little slow, typically from PRINT command on the iPad of an A4 page to it appearing wirelssly on Samsung is circa 90-120 seconds.


    Samsung reply was as follows


    "I see in the specifications for this printer that it is compatible with mac os x 10.3-10.6 so there may be compatibility issues with this printer and newer versions of the mac operating system. This beeing said it should be able to connect to your network.

    The problem you are having could either be a software issue or a problem with your router, please follow the below instructions which will hopefully get you up and running.

    I would recommend that you connect the wireless printer directly to your router via ethernet cable, wait 2 minutes and print off a configuration page on your printer(please refer to your user manual if you are unsure how to do this.

    On the configuration page you will find the ip address for your printer. Then using your laptop go onto the internet and in the search bar please type in the printers ip address. This will bring up our Sync thru web service. You are looking for ‘network settings’ please click on this, another page will open, along the left hand side you will find a list of options, please click on ‘wireless’.

    Another page will open up, scroll down the page and please select ‘wizard’ and click ‘next’. The next page that comes up should give you a list of all available networks to connect to, select the SSID of the network that you are connected to and click next.

    It will then ask you to confirm settings and click on ‘apply’. You should then find a box opens that says “your selections have been modified successfully, please click on ‘ok’.

    Now go back to your printer and unplug the Ethernet cable, wait a few minutes then a blue light should show on the printer (this light stands for wireless signal), now the printer is connected wirelessly to the network. Then go to the laptop and install the print driver.

    It should ask you about installation type select ‘typical installation for network printer’ and click next. It will then search for available printers and will show you a list.

    You will see 2 names for the same printer- one with ‘local port’ and the other with the printers ip address. Select the option with the ip address and click on ‘next’. The set up will copy the files when it finishes, it will ask you to print a test page, click ‘ok’ and it will print off the test page for you.

    You can also find downloads on the apple website for samsung printers visit "


    Hope this helps


    kbjpick 2nd April 2012

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    Try going to this page and download Easy Wireless Setup:


    You have to connect the printer to your mac via USB, then run the program above to set it up for wireless.

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