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    jeffanon wrote:




    Here's why:


    1. Address Book, and now contacts, allow zero crontrol over fields and formatting. If you want what it wants to give you in the formats it offers (Avery templates), almost great, but otherwise, it's lame.


    2. The "almost" above is because Address Book doesn't always get it right. With three contacts who each have a spouse, it includes the spoues in two labels and refuses to do so in the third. Since I have NO control over what goes into the label, I'm left high and dry.






    I have no idea what you are referring to. Further I have no interest in complaining about Apple or their apps. Use what you like, don't use what you don't like.



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    I can't stand the limitations of the Contacts method of printing address labels. I don't want to waste a partial sheet if my selection doesn't come out even with the number of labels. I'd like to duplicate addresses which I use often to fill up the partial sheet. I like being creative with fonts, colors and even borders or images. Your ability to be creative with Contacts printing is severely limited.


    I've used Pay&Play's Label Printer Pro software for years. I originally paid MUCH more for this program. It's extremely versitle. Design one label and you can copy it to the rest of the labels in the drop down menu with one click. Chose how many of whichever lablel you want to duplicate with a simple cut and paste to fill up the page.


    I can vouch that it works perfectly with Mountain Lion, v 10.8.2.


    Here's the link to their direct download from their website for $6.95:



    Or you can look up Label Printer Pro 7 on the app store and pay $9.99.


    No, I don't work for or have any ties to the company other than being a satisfied customer of a product which suits my needs perfectly.


    Also check the iWork Community for freebies:


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