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  • waitthatsnotall Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm surprised by all the negativity. How many companies would just say "Hey, if you use that product it might catch on fire. Dispose of properly. Have a nice day." A couple come to mind, try HP printers and Canon printers - "Sorry we can't help you with that, we're not updating our drivers from XP to Windows 7. But I can assist you with buying a newer printer."



    Will you pay for it?



    Will you buy my perfectly functioning one back?



    (Well it's perfect except for the fact you don't support Windows 7)


    Will you buy back my stock of toner?



    May I speak to your manager?



    Do you like your customers?



    You aren't updating the drivers anymore?



    Do you like your job?



    Do you hate me?



    Wow, the trainer was right. It takes 7 No's to get a Yes!



    I'll take whatever they send me and be happy. Most electronics don't last this long. Or you can buy a Zune, they're really "peppy"! I hear those cassette tapes are pretty inexpensive to buy too.

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    I totally agree with waitthatsnotall. My mom sent the 1st gen nano I gave her in. She sent ONLY the nano- so they returned ONLY a nano. I mean she has had it for what, 5yrs? Now the manufacturer is offering to replace it for free. really? Where does that happen?


    Yes it took a long time, yes it came in a plain pkg with no frills. She returned a 1gig 5yr old nano and got a shiny new 8gig touch screen nano just because the company was concerned that altough it has been fine for 5yrs, it could possibly maybe catch fire so they offered to take it back, pay for shipping and send a new one.


    Sounds like customer service to me. I mean you know more than a few people had to go dig in their kid brother's drawer to take back that nano they gave him and pray it was still recognizable to send in. Most of them have long since upgraded but hung on to it cuz it was cute and heck, the lanyard headset didn't fit anything else.

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    I totally agree. Some people on here feel that they are entitled and get so impatient. You are getting a huge upgrade and its coming after you had and used the product for how long? 4-5yrs? then get and in essence a brand new product and an upgrade to the latest and greatest. Me, I'm very happy and lucky for this.

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    sent in request: January 12

    empty box shipped: January 17

    received/issue identified by Apple: January 24

    email received saying they shipped my new nano: February 18!! (about 3 1/2 weeks after received by Apple)


    Its being shipped by FedEx from Reno, NV! In case anyone is wondering, I'm located in California =]

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    Did you record the tracking information for the return package? should help you track it down. Good luck

  • Langdon Level 4 (1,195 points)

    waitthatsnotall wrote:


    I'm surprised by all the negativity. How many companies would just say "Hey, if you use that product it might catch on fire. Dispose of properly. Have a nice day."



    Companies that are afraid of getting sued into oblivion?


    Its not being done because they are nice guys, they are doing it because the cost of replacements are cheaper than getting sued and losing which they must feel is a real possibility.

    Apple did not do recalls on the millions of plastic Macbooks with overly brittle frames that were prone to cracking or the millions of G4 iBooks that had poor quality solders on their graphics chip.  So you can drop the altrusim spin because the recalls is a caluculated premptive stop gap not a gestute of kindness.


    With that said, I am on week 5 for my replacement with no change in status.

  • dwruk Level 1 (0 points)

    I am on day 98 and product replacement is still pending.  Called the help desk and was told they had run out of shipping boxes again and that it will most likely still be another couple of week before they resume shipping.

  • Widf1re Level 1 (0 points)

    124 days and counting. cannot find any way to email about this issue. This is very bad customer service!

  • 826sep Level 1 (0 points)

    WIdf1re  - try calling them.   Go to the apple website/contact us and start calling the numbers there.  Beg ignorance about not knowing where to call to check on the status.  And, nice, don't badmouth how long you've been waiting, etc.  I did this and they were very helpful and confirmed then had it, etc, and checked for me.  Surprisingly enough, my status online changed the very next day and I had my ipod within 3 days.  Give it a try, just be decent them and you might be surprised.  It might move you to the top of the list.

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    I received my Nano replacement yesterday.   Not sure when I sent it in.  Just a Nano received - no headphones, no cord, no instructions.  Little teeny Nano, big cardboard box with molded foam inserts.  I know I can get the instructions online, I have headphones, but can I use a cable from another Apple product to charge?   Glad for the replacement, but it seems kind of bare bones.

  • r4given Level 1 (15 points)

    yes you can use the same dock connector cable that you used with your original nano or the iphone or the ipad or any other ipod (except original firewire and shuffe)



    scroll down to see compatible devices. the 6th gen nano is listed.

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    Thanks - you seem knowledgable - do I have to have special headphones?   Hate earbuds.   Like the old- fashioned kind.

  • r4given Level 1 (15 points)

    Most any headset that fits the jack will work- but for the remote functions like volume, skip, etc- you would need the apple set or one of the 3rd party that states the remote specifically for the nano.

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    13 day turn-around!!! I submitted my replacement iPod NANO request on March 7, and on March 20 I received my new iPod Nano 6G!  AMAZING!  Thank you APPLE!!!


    MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid '09 Anti-Glare

    iPad Wi-Fi 32GB WHITE '12,  Apple TV '12

    iPod Nanos: Gen 4, 5, & 6,  AirPort Express

  • Running Edge Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you get any say in color/memory?  I can understand that you would probably have to pay in addition to the return to get a 16 gig.

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