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Hi guys I have just purchased a Mac Miniand would like to hook it up via hdmi to my plasma. I would like to control itfrom the comfort of the sofa and a mouse and keyboard would not be suitable. Ihave an iPad 1 and would like to be able to use this as a mouse and keyboardand also maybe as a springboard for itunes or some of the other apps etc. Cananyone recommend apps that you feel are the best out at the moment forachieving this task. I would love to have been able to use it with front row but this seems to be unavailable now. Has anyone got theirs set up to a plasma and how do u use it from the sofa?


Best wishes



  • Maurice Young Level 2 Level 2

    I looked on you tube yesterday and saw somebody that was using their new mac mini as an entertainment hub in his home theater. In the video he showed using an app called "remote hd" to use his iPad to control the mac mini.  That did it for me so I downloaded the app for $8 and headed to best buy to buy a mac mini. 


    I had to pull out an old mouse and keyboard to do the initial set up.  After that you can do what you need to do with the iPad. 


    I attached an external 500gb western digital portable drive to the mini.  The drive has several movies on it which play beautifully.  I loaded my entire iTunes library from the external drive to the mini (42 gb) and it worked like a charm.


    $8 sure beats buying a wireless keyboard, mouse, and trackpad.  Remote hd has virtuals of all three of those.  It's not as elegant as the apple wireless keyboard etc but it's a fraction of the cost and you can see everything on your iPad


    I have the mini hooked up to a 50 inch Panasonic viera via hdmi. Seamless and very easy..I disconnected my apple tv that I had hooked up to that tv and moved the atv2 to another tv in the house.


    I also set up my MacBook pro so that I can run it from the ipad with remote hd as well.  It works just as easily.


    I can't speak about other apps but remote had does a pretty good job of covering the bases and much more.  Look on you tube for mac mini with iPad and you will see what I'm taliking about..


    Good luck.



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    I use Touchpad and it works like a charm!

    It's $4.99 and it requires no installs on your mac mini.

    It works intuitive and it looks great and simple.



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    Thanks Maurice will look into this really appreciate help....

  • Babangida0 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Roel will check this out too....

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    I started using TouchPad on my iPad (1) yesterday, after reading this and other threads and must say that I am pleased with the way it works.


    I can recommend it, especially since you do not need other software to install. You only need to enable screen sharing and voila, it's working.


    I personally like XMBC over Front Row, especially the new beta and it is really easy to control it using TouchPad.


    Later this week I am going to test if I can also play World of Warcraft using TouchPad. I have a feeling it will work fine, especially because you can split up the keyboard.