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I know alot of people are so angry about this problem and i am one of you but i managed to follow this issue inorder to find a solution and finally after alot of work, i managed to find the problems that cause it and found a solution for every case possible.

let me start with the problems that cause this issue.


CASE 1 (SIM Cards):   Iphone 4s requires a specific sim card wiring technique different a little bit than before.


Solution 1: Simply contact your carrier and order the newest sim card available. ( 128K better than 64K ) and it case the new micro sim card did not work, order a regular sim card and cut it to the size of the micro sim.


CASE 2 (Carrier Network) : Iphone 4s has 2 antennas giving it the ability to connect to 2 signals at the same time  causing the signal to shift from one hotspot to another without cutting the network. but to achieve that, the connection between the two spots must be perfectly synchronized and from the same type ( ex: 3g to 3g or edge to edge or gprs to gprs or 2g to 2g. any light mismatch will cause the phone to lose the signal and never be able to abtain it back ( No service will appear, and you are forced to restart your device or reset network setings ). and unforunately, we dont have the option in the iphone 4s to restrict our device to a specific network type unlike older devices. Im not sure that apple can fix this issue with an update, its the responsablity of the network companies to remove such errors from their infrastructures.


Solution 2: Order the 2g only sim card or a 3g only sim card, and it will work perfectly untill a better solution is found " but both solutions have advantages and disatvanteges. The 2g line will let you obtain a very good signal all over the country but you will not be able to connect to 3g network.

while the 3g line will let you obtain a good signal only in specific areas in the country but you will be able to use cellular data. or if you have a factory unlocked device, you can try to swith to a different carrier


Case 3 ( Iphone Software ): Sometimes, when you udate your device firmware or download any ios, there is a possibilty of an orror to occur without being noticed and that error will not also be noticed during the installation of the firmware, ending up on your device causing fialure.


Solution 3: 1- download latest itunes 10.5.1

                    2- download a fresh ios 5.0.1 ( from itunes not from iphone device )

                    3- Go to DFU mode, Open itunes and restore as new iphone (to avoid any remaining traces of previous                         corruption or error)

                    4- Go to Settings --> Phone --> Sim Pin and turn it OFF

                    5- Turn On airplane mode and wait 15 seconds

                    6- Turn OFF airplane mode

                    7- Go to Settings --> Carrier --> Automatic ( turn it off and select your network manually )


Case 4 (Iphone Hardware): some series of the 4s and specially the first serie delivered, had a problem in teir sim reader, and to help you more to identify this seire, simply go to Settings --> General --> About and check the model number if it starts with MD2 then you are not lucky and you phone may never work with your carrier


Solution 4: if you have a factory unlocked device, please consider changing the carrier and give it a try 90 % of the times it work, other than that, you must take your iphone back and order a replacement.


                                                                                      I will be happy to answer any question


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, Factory unlocked brand new device
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    Case 1 -> Solution 1 -> I must to wait 5 days for new simcard because she will be delivered by postoffice ;/

    but i am wondering why all work on iOS 5.0.0 and broke after update to 5.0.1 ???


    Solution 3 -> already done, and nothing changes


    Solution 4 -> I have factory unlocked device but i must buy some prepaid simcard and cut microsim.

    i will do it tomorow morring



    we have some information on when iOS will be updated to 5.0.2?

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    I cut down a 128Kb SIM to a MiroSIM size and the phone is working great.

    I couldn't set or edit "My Number" setting on Settings->Phone and it read "Unknown". I move the SIM back to my older iPhone 4. Changed in there and put it back in the iPhone 4S. To my surprise the correct number remained and now I CAN EDIT it.

    Facetime and iMessage activation is not working but that was always like that with iPhones.


    OH, and my model starts with MD2.



  • userremoved Level 1 (1,000,000 points)

    marcosbsas thats good, now you are one step close to achieve it all, simply keep your new sim card inside your 4s, and go to itunes and perform a restore as new and register your phone with the simcard inside, that will fix it and you will be able to use facetime and imessages

  • userremoved Level 1 (1,000,000 points)

    CuDaK what is your carrier ?

    please give it a try and try a different carrier network and let me know the result

  • garnikg Level 1 (0 points)



    I have a 4s product number (from invoice, phone is not with my right now) MD234C/A. It came with iOS 5.0.0 (baseband 01.00.11) and worked perfect prior to upgrading to 5.0.1 (baseband 01.00.13), then sim failueres started. My current solution is changing operator (also it has other type of SIM card, visually) and it works just fine. Although I do not know what visual difference of cards mean because finally they all have same 6 pins connecting to exactly the same places in sim reader in the phone...


    • If Case4 is real, how it can be affected by firmware?
    • Also, can you give more deails on deffect you reffer? I'm a microelectronics engineer and it is quite interesting to me. The only thing I can guess is something with voltage aplpied to the SIM; as far as I understood standard says sim can support 5V/3.3V or 3.3V/1.8V, not all together; may be sim reader supports only one combination? But again, how it was working prior with baseband 01.00.11...
  • Leidi Level 1 (0 points)

    My problem with my iphone 4s is, after one successful text message, I cannot send another text message because the signal is gone already.  Then it will start to search for the signal, after the signal is back, that’s when the time I can send another text message or even a call.  But that is every one successful message sent.  After that, the signal will be lost again.  What should be the perfect solution for this?  Thanks in advance.

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    Having the same issues with my iPhone4S on iOS5.0.1 (issues with iOS5.0 as well that's why I updated).


    Model: MD258Y

    Operator: vf es 11.1 (Vodafone Spain)

    Modem firmware: 1.0.13


    Model starting with MD2 needs a replacement cause it has some kind of hardware issues, is it true? Do i have to order a replacement?

  • kruelspell Level 1 (0 points)

    My Model is MD258Y and having these issues, do I ahve to order a replacement?

  • kruelspell Level 1 (0 points)

    How do you know Models starting with MD2 are the ones having issues?

  • dr.shovik Level 1 (0 points)

    Even I have the same problem.

    Mine is MD239B os 5.0.1 , Baseband 1.0.13

    I'm using Orange Armenia & I got "No Service" 4 times in last month

    Since I got this 4S from UK, I cant get it replaced ((

  • garnikg Level 1 (0 points)

    I've MD234C/A and it works on OrangeArmenia perfect. But not on VivaCell-MTS... What sim card are you using?

  • dr.shovik Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm using Orange Armenia SIM card.

    I never tried using Viva or Beeline.

  • garnikg Level 1 (0 points)

    I mean micro-sim from Orange or regular sim and then cut to microsim? Mine is regular sim and then cut to microsim, I did not tried microsim from Orange.

  • dr.shovik Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine is a regular Sim, cut into Micro-sim.

    I never tried the micro-sim either.
    I'll try getting a new SIM from orange if I ever get "no service " again.

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