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Hi, I'm using ios5 on a 32gb wifi ipad2.


Before upgrading my brand new iPad from ios4.xxx I was sending emails fine. Now the iPad email app will show sending...for ages then a message will appear saying; could not send mail. Smtp server for xxxx could not be verified....or something along those lines. This is the same email account that I use on my iMac without any issues.


The email account causing me problems was synced from my iMac using iTunes originally and I have not made any changes to any settings that came over from the iMac.


Since the problem arose, I have trawled the net looking for fixes. I've tried erasing and resetting the iPad. That is both partial and total erase and reset. Neither fixed the problem.


I have also tried various wifi networks around town to verify the issue. I do not think it is a wifi issue or my own wifi settings.


I have tried re-entering my mail accounts settings manually but that did not fix it either.


Has anyone had or is having this issue with ios5? Has anyone found a fix?


It is a deal breaker for me and I am considering send this thing back.


Thank in advance


iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1