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Hi, everyone.  I actually raised this question a few nights ago, but then two respondents had some odd fight on the disussion board (about what I have no idea), and I never got a resolution. 


Anyway, my slide to unlock does not slide.  I have connected my Ipad to Itunes, and restored the factory settings an rebooted a few times.  No luck.  For what it is worth, the "slide to power off" does work. 


Any theories on what I should do next?





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    If you have restored and rebooted, it's time to make an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar.  Let them evaluate your iPad and if found defective, they'll replace it. 


    Quick question.  When you said you rebooted, did you:  Press and hold BOTH the power and home buttons at the SAME time for at least 10 seconds (ignoring the red slider to shut down) until the Apple Logo appeared, then let go of both buttons?

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    I was one of the respondents and what I/we said is not totally uncommon on this site - I realize that our dialog was of no help to you and I apologize for that as well.


    And I agree with the gentleman from Tampa. I don't think that there is anything more that you can do if you have restored the device to factory settings.


    The only thing that I would add is that when you restored to factory settings - did you restore to a backup as well? If you did, then the backup may be corrupt and the problem could be in your backup. If you restored to factory settings and then tried the iPad - without adding any content at all - you should make an appointment with an Apple Genius and let them have a look.

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    Hi, Demo.  No need to apologize....I thought that the back and forth was kind of entertaining, but my concern was that it prevented anyone else from offering a solution.  Your taste in football teams leaves a little bit to be desired, but other than that, you're a valuable part of the community!  :-)





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    Big Daddy Jack wrote:


    Your taste in football teams leaves a little bit to be desired



    I do think that your best bet now would be an Apple Store appointment. You have done all that you can do. Let the Genius' have a shot now.