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I thought that iOS 5 was supposed to keep messages syncd between my iPhone and iPad?  So far I can't find anyway to set this up.  And I'm not seeing my messages on my iPad.


Is there a manual on how to set this up?

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    You need iMessage set up and the device connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network. That is all.

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    I am still working on this, but as far as I can tell messages sent to my iPhone telephone number will NOT sync with my iPad.  But if a message is sent to my email address it will show up in both places. 


    I guess that this makes sense but it flys in the face of being able to easily start texting on my phone and then just picking up my iPad when I get home and being able to continue the "conversation" on either device.  Most people when they send a text message will do it to the phone number because that's the way we have been trained up to this point to send text's.  But once I get a thread running in either place, no matter how it got it started, I seem to be able to respond on either device and keep going.


    I guess we will need to learn to send text's to email addresses if we want to be able to keep a text thread in sync on all of our devices.

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    Yeah, I'm afraid so. Messages to phone numbers will not show up on iPod touch or iPad. If you go to Settings > Messages > Receive at..., note that the phone number is grayed out on the iPhone. On the iPad, under Receive at... it will state your email address and only give you the option to "Add Another Email." I have certainly become accustomed to sending to email addresses rather than phone numbers, hopefully we all will, too!