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Hello all,


I have read of people having yellow tints to their iPhone 4S screens, but my white 4S screen has a BLUE tint to it, as do the white 4Ss on display that I checked across 3 Apple stores ... I'm surprised that no-one else has pointed out this blue tint thing.


It's kind of bothering me now. Tomorrow is the 14th day since I bought it from the Apple store and therefore I have to decide whether or not to return it. After 14 days I don't want to be offered a refurb as a replacement.


When checking the 4Ss in the Apple stores, the screens in the black models were perfect ... whites were white and as a result contrast and sharpness was better. It's just I really like the white model and don't want to have to go with black.


Do you think Apple will address screen tints (be it yellow or blue) in futures software updates?  Have they done so before? I am new to the iPhone so I don't know if this is something that they've done before. Also, is there anything that I can do to "reset" the screen?


Other than the blue tint, my phone is perfect. No dead pixels or dust, no battery problem, calls are crystal clear ... so this is why I am so hesitant to return the phone.


Any advice, or info would be greatly appreciated.


All the best ...




iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, White 64gb
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    It's just a slightly cool display and normal variation in the backlighting of these kinds of devices. Don't keep putting your device up next to others and you'll never notice it.


    You should see the Motorola Xoom tablet I have at work- it looks fine on its own, but if I set it next to any of my iDevices, white looks like beige. It has a warm color cast. My iPod Touch 4G is also slightly warm, while my iPhone 4 is slightly cool like yours, as is my iPad. Your eyes even it out on their own, a kind of built in Auto White Balance.