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Music and Video on Nas in folders but how do i set up itunes on multiple computers to see and use these files and create libraries?


So i have had a itunes set up on my old PC, bought a NAS and copied the folders over to the NAS, i did this incorrectly and so then even when i told the old PC to use that folder it saw all the songs but wasnt able to play the songs as it was looking in the incorrect place.


So now i want my Mac as well as my PC and others to all use the music, videos etc on the NAS they are in itunes friendly folders (as they were compiled this way by the itunes on the old PC.


When i tell the mac to use the itunes library.itl file it sees the song list (about 100gb) but cant see any songs, so i have removed this file to another location for now with the hope to set up a new file and then get it to see the songs on the folder from the NAS.


Can someone tell me how to do this for all the Mac's and PC's on my network as i really want one master library that all use and add too.


Thanks for your help in advance.