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    IOS 5.0**'s comments (iOS 5.0.x's handling of the yahoo mail account his issue):


    [...]The problem for me was a Yahoo email account.  For some reason the email account would never disconnect from the 3G antenna and was continually maintaining the link.

    After I deleted the account everything worked.  I can get 2 days standby and 5 hours of usage with a single charge.[...]


    ronsIphone's comments (plug the phone in for heavy use - not bad loll):


    Rule Of Thumb!

    If You Are Going to use your phone as a computer or a video game system then I advise you to plug your phone into the wall!

    1. If you are out and about , just use it as a phone!

    2. Plug it up if u are playing games!

    It...... Is........ That....... Simple!


    jeremyfromwimbledon's comments (speculates about concurrency of wifi and 3G):


    [...]The conclusion I have come to is that fast drain is caused when there is access to a wifi network, ie it does it when i am at home, or in the office, but is fine when i am out of the office and just using the 3G network.[...]


    zSkeptic's comments (all around config and maintenance):


    [...]The settings that I have turned off but am not sure how much they really impact things are:

        No iCloud

        No Siri Raise to Speak

        No Time Zone Update under system services

        No Notification Center

        No WiFi Sync

    The settings that I have turned off that I believe have helped are:

        Emails are set to manual fetch.  This was a significant battery drain reduction and as others have noted, I believe this is related to my MS Exchange account. Even with fetch hourly, my phone was was losing 3% ot 7% per hour in stand-by.  Only manual fetch has had an impact.

        Reminders are turned off on my email accounts.  My Yahoo account was automatically creating some weird reminder lists.  I still use reminders but they are not tied to my email accounts.


    The other thing I am doing is looking for signs of rogue processes that are increasing battery usage.  I still see periodic increases in battery usage and believe this is related to O/S bugs and runaway apps (apps that continue to run even after they are closed down).  I have a couple of apps that monitor CPU usage, RAM usage and open background processes.  If my battery drainage increases after I've closed everything and I see high CPU/RAM activity, I will do one of the following:  Shut off the phone, hard reset or soft reset.  I think these activities as well as battery drains to zero are different ways of killing uncontrolled processes.  One of my traffic apps will continue to use the GPS even after I close out the app.  Even turning off the phone does not shut it down.  Only a hard reset will kill that particular process. [...]


    simeon D W's comments (out of the box first use, updating, new phones shouldn't be benchmarked right out of the box + observations and fun math cutoff):


    if you turn off



    3}3g connection

    4} reduce screen brightness to 40%

    5} from new run it till it goes flat and turns off

    ignore the 20% level alert

    then fully charge the battery using any charger

    then only use what you need in the way of features



    if you intend to update the o/s

    reset the phone to factory first

    then load the new flash

    then soft reset and treat phone as new

    if you have updated and have issues

    even after soft reset

    then hard reset to factory then soft reset it to sync all blocks

    then update and soft reset again

    do a full cycle charge [...]





    if you hard reset any apple product it will default to factory

    so you need even i think to add the latest o/s again if you hard reset it

    so soft reset after flash and i would if you have issues

    hard reset and then soft reset

    then add lastest o/s again

    soft reset again

    and as new phone begin



    i notice looking at some peoples picture of there usage screen shot that you actualy have stats after just a few recharges this isnt right -my iphone after the inital charge got to 20% i plugged in the live phone to the charger and the usage reset to all -----  and a note below says that true stats will return on a full charge

    i then just kept it on till it switched off

    you need to fully discharge till your phone switches off


    then fully charge it when its off

    let it settle for an hour and then power on

    this will somewhat fix the cell

    after this the display will return as fully charged and give the right stats and then follow advice to only enable what you need to use



    out the box so i expect to cycle the cell before it became more stable anyway!!! this is normal of any product i have with li ion cells - turn off wifi and 3g when i dont need it - the siri thing that cant understand my scots accent anyway so is useless and bluetooth - push i didnt play with as i disabled the network use if you dont need it then and there TURN IT OFF or you should expect hungry horise at your bat - i feel 75% left to go and stats as is , is fine !!! - playing games i would defo stick a cable or bat back on !!! as i asume 3d will burn a few Watts per min atleast!!! - i also enabled auto lock and a pin - and if i put my phone down i always click the power button to suspend it dont wait for the time to expire to shut it off if you dont use it power it down to standby i have moved the brightness to 80% for the duration of this test charge...

  <--- handy chart [1A - indeed will look nice on my refrigerator]


    unshaven's comments (general observations, non problematic setup):


    [...]Though a pain in the butt, most people have seemed to solve the battery drain issue by setting their phone up "as new".  Sure they lost all their data and such by wiping their phone clean, but it only takes an hour or so to get everything back on it.  In fact, most of the issues seem to be caused by people who setup their new 4s using a backup from an older iPhone.[...]

    Are there defective phones out there....YES.  Is there a software problem likely contributing to excessive battery drain, in combination with individual user settings...YES.  Could the problems be a manifestation created by people with limited or no experience using smartphones, or what to expect from one?....YES.[...]

    The only glitch I noticed was standby time and usage time being identifical.  This went away after I rebooted the phone which cleared the internal RAM and iOS buffer.[...]

    In all honestly, iPhones blow for integration with exchange server accounts. [...]


    Current settings are:

    Location services = ON (4 apps)

    System services = OFF

    WiFi = OFF at work, ON at home

    Cellular Data = ON

    Notifications = Six apps ON (calendar, mail, messages, viber, phone, weather); all others OFF

    Bluetooth = OFF

    Mail = One account set to fetch every hour

    Facetime = ON

    iMessage = ON

    Apple Store = logged in all the time

    Restrictions = Ping OFF

    Siri = ON, raise-to-speak OFF

    iCloud = Not setup/not used (i still sync the old fashion way)


    ItsAmanda's comments (safari pages in the background):


    [...]If any of you are having problems with the usage/standby showing the same time, see if you have any safari pages open and close them, that may solve the problem.


    Light23M's comments (wireless router causing wifi drain - not for everyone though):


    [...]If you use a [b/g] capable wireless device the battery gets drained alot, but when using a wireless device capable of [n] the battery gets normal behaviour back.[...]


    Merlinthemog's comments (testing if router causes drain):


    [...]The way to quickly test if it's your router causing the problem is to turn off wifi. If you're getting phantom usage and this fixes it, then I suspect your battery issues may be router related like mine.


    Roman 1024's comments (unusual situation of user with NO data plan... and quite good usage specs):


    [...]Right now I have 4% battery left after 13 hours usage (mostly listening to iPod plus about 2 hours of reading on Kindle and 2-3 hours on WiFi web browsing) and 2 Days and 17 hours standby.


    Cellular phone is on and cellular data turned off all the time, because I don't have data plan. I turn WiFi on only when I am home. Location services are on - but disabled for most of apps. Siri is on, but raise to speak is disabled. Push is off. iCoud and iTunes sync off. Notifications are on, but not for everything.


    If I don't touch the phone during day - I lose about 25% of battery per day on standby. On airplane mode I lose about 15% of battery per day on standby. If I turn wifi and cellular data I lose about 33% on standby per day.[...]


    ilikebigguts's comments (Build 9A406)


    [...]to get that, connect your phone with cable, open itunes, do a backup first! if you have icloud backup enabled, go to iphone configurations, in the icloud menue do a backup, and wait till it finished - after that go back to itunes, click on "restore" and do a factory resett! itunes will automatically load the new iOS 5.0.1 with build 9A406 - if it finished downloading the new iOS, it will do a restore. then you can restore your backup. thats it!

    [1A - see]


    drStrangePork's comments (link to understanding sim cards, iTunes version reminder):


    [...]Understanding Sim cards


    Oh, and make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes, that is important.


    guizotia's comments (multitasking):


    Apps that are in the background are suspended unless they are using audio, location services or VoIP AND have been specifically programmed to request doing this in the background.  If they are using a background service they should be doing that and nothing else.



    I can't imagine you have enough apps using background services to make it worth killing them.


    miless's comments (automatic downloads):


    One more thing to check.... did you enable Automatic Downloads in your App Store setting? I realize this is another potential power sucker when i read about the flaw in this setting in some article today.


    RossPhoto's comments (detailing his type of use which yields long usage specs (10.5 hours usage, 2d8hrs standby) i.e. not social networking type, uses computer for intensive use):


    I have to state, I'm not a phone addict. I don't sit there are play games, or search the web needlessly. I only use phones when I need to :¬)

    I've been routinely checking mail manually about 5-6 times a day. The next test is to put the phone on a 15 minute fetch and see how it compares.

    One exchange account, which I only use to synch Google Calendar. Two mail accounts; business (IMAP) and Gmail (native).

    No cloud services/storage bar Find my iPhone and contact synch (handy). It's no hassle to synch with iTunes to manage music and photos.

    Nope, no notifications set for social apps.

    Using services when needed means 3G and Wi-Fi. Although in my latest test, Wi-Fi was left on all the time (in my home, strong signal). I have forced the use of the 2G network by putting the iPhone in a metal bin (hah!) while making a call to voicemail. I do this because my 3G signal at home is poor (1-2 bars), and drains the battery. Hence I'd like that 3G toggle :¬)

    Out of the 7 hours, I'd say 2 was on safari, possibly less. As I said, I'm at my Mac all day, and I only use the browser for testing or when downstairs (I also opt for the iPad to browse the net when at home).[...]


    miless's comments (commenting on x0x's - variation on restores from varying host machines using iTunes - [use latest iTunes, and try on different machines!]):


       < I used an other PC, installed itunes and made an update with a downloaded ipsw.

       My Battery is really ok since this.

        I have actually an uptime more than 1 Day an 60% of battery.

        Maybe theres some  crap on our PC/Itunes?>


    This opens up another mystery... mine had trouble when i was sync-ing with itunes on my windows notebook. I restored everything, and decided to sync it with itunes on my newer macbook instead... and the trouble went away.


    Any stats here about possibility of corrupted iTunes on Windows machine vs Mac which causes the drain?


    1AppleADayNoWay's comments (feeling safe and confident):


    What makes people vulnerable is that they look at their phone as they pass strangers on the sidewalk so they could be knocked out at any time without ever realizing what hit them in the first place. Human beings are vulnerable - proper physical training helps counter that sensation. What helps further is being fully conscious of your surroundings at all time, half relaxed yet half tensed, ready for anything, and looking people in the eye to predict behavior and project strenght and assurance. The ability to run for a quarter mile may also help. Depending on your height, I would advise either tae-kwon-do or jujitsu training. Aim for the groin, throat, eyes and grab ears, hair, learn how to twist fingers and so forth...[1A - I would add, try to set off car alarms to attract attention]


    E_hollaway's comments (notification streamlining):


    When you have notifications on for everything it means your phone is constantly checking for email, Facebook, twitter, messages in every game or app you own etc. it takes a toll on battery life. The instant I changed all my notifications to only check every 2 hours for the few things I look at like email twitter and Facebook the change happened instantly.[...]


    Tamarillo's comments (departed after returning his phone, but in memory of his famous joke):


    Please also lower the volume and talk faster - this also saves energy :-)


    jwdean's comments (hard reset, restore [to complement last post about him - unusual, as a colleague of his is having no issue with exchange using the same server... so is it data like contacts and such??]):


    Do a Hard Reset (warning - this will reset your phone and all of your settings):

    1 - Hold the sleep/wake (top) button and the Home button for 8 seconds until the Apple logo fades away

    2 - Open iTunes an plug in the phone while holding the Home button down until iTunes "sees" your phone.

    3 - Restore the phone in iTunes by clicking the Restore button (don't restore your phone from a back-up).


    Once I completed this, I fully charged the phone before changing any settings and left it for an hour.  It was still at 100%.  I reconfigured my settings, then I added my email accounts one at a time and left it for about an hour or so after added each account.  I added a personal (POP) account, then a gmail account and still after a few hours my battery life was at 99%.  Then I added my Exchange account, and within minutes my phone started to heat up and the battery life started to plummet.








    -=iPhone 4S displays 'No Service' or 'No SIM Card Installed'=- - 5.0.1 Build 9A406




    This will be my last posting in the thread. Hope it was useful. I think it contains sufficient information and ideas for new users who still have battery performance issues to try out things and learn about the features and specifications and get more value out of the phone or finally identify that they have a problematic phone that needs servicing. You're most welcome if you want to maintain the thread as the issue is still ongoing for some users. I've mostly used the "big thread" identified on page 1 as source for all this. Thanks to all for their ideas and helpful contributions...


    I wish you Happy Holidays,

    And a good iPhone!

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    This is crazy! No one can read this and do all of these suggestions!

    It's ********. Why should I have to turn anything off?

    My iPhone 4 was perfect battery life! All this crazy disscusssion is none sense.

    Apple has screwed all of us! I'm ******! Battery on the 4s is no good  

    I shouldn't have to turn everything off. What's the use? it's  just a big waste if time.

    Just plain f%ck it!

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    Be polite or get lost. No one said you should do all these things. This is just for reference. Take it or leave it. If you're not happy, get support, an exchange or refund or whatever, but don't take it out on me.



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    Just upgraded from iphone 3 to 4s.  I was doing well, and suddenly, after turning on bluetooth to access my headsets, I noticed definite change in battery life.  I just turned bluetooth off, as well as push notifications and location services and battery seems to be happier.  I'll check back in if it is not resolved.

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    Apple's "iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting" knowledge base article: - Reproduced in full for your convenience.


    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting


    Products Affected




    If you have issues with your iPhone, try these tips first.



    Note: Installing the latest version of iOS may resolve the issue. Learn how to find out which version of software is installed on your iPhone and update if necessary. If your device has the latest version of software installed, please locate your symptom and continue troubleshooting.

    Collapse All Sections | Expand All Sections


    No audio on speakerphone, FaceTime, or video recording on iPhone 4 or later;
    or people hear  noise when I call them on iPhone 4 or later

    1. Make sure that nothing is blocking the top microphone (located next to the headset jack).
    2. If a protective case is used, try removing iPhone from the case.
    3. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.

    Can't hear through the receiver or through speaker, and can't be heard

    See this article for troubleshooting steps.


    Low microphone volume

    1. If you have left the display's clear protective-plastic film with which iPhone shipped on the device, remove it.
    2. If you are using a third-party iPhone case, make sure it is not covering the microphone or top microphone (iPhone 4 and later). Try making some calls without the case to see if a caller can now hear you more clearly.

    Sound from the speaker is low or muffled or I sound muffled or low when speaking into the mic1

    See this article for troubleshooting steps.

    No sound through stereo headset1

    1. Unplug the headset and verify nothing is blocking the headset jack.
    2. Reconnect the headset and make sure the connector is pushed in all the way.
    3. Check the volume setting on your iPhone. You can adjust the volume by pressing the volume up and down button on the left side of the iPhone.
    4. If you are trying to listen to music and cannot hear any audio, make sure that the music on iPhone is not paused. Try squeezing the headset microphone to resume playback. Additionally, from the Home screen you can choose iPod > Now Playing, then tap Play.
    5. Make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed on the computer that you are syncing the iPhone with (songs purchased from the iTunes Store using earlier versions of iTunes won't play).
    6. Try another Apple headset (some third-party headsets require an adapter to be used with original iPhone).
    7. Try a different song or video.
    8. Check to see if the iPhone alert sounds or other iPhone sound effects exhibit the same audio issues.
    9. Disconnect the headset connected to the iPhone and see if the sound coming from the built-in speaker is working properly.



    Battery does not charge from the USB power adapter

    Important: Only original iPhone can be charged from a FireWire-based power source. If iPhone is connected to a computer that's turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, the battery may drain.
    1. Verify that the outlet being used is working.
    2. Try another USB power adapter if available.
    3. If no other USB power adapter  is available, try connecting to a high-power USB 2.0 port (not a keyboard). The computer must be turned on and not in sleep or standby mode.
    4. Try another USB cable if available.
    5. Also refer to iPhone and iPod touch: Charging the battery.

    iPhone displays the low-battery image and is unresponsive

    If you see the image below, charge the phone with an iPhone USB power adapter for at least 15 minutes.

    You should see this image when iPhone begins to charge:

    If the screen still displays the low-battery icon, try turning  iPhone off and then on again.

    If the issue persists, try resetting the iPhone while connected to the iPhone charger. To reset, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until either the Apple logo or the battery symbol appears.

    If resetting iPhone did not resolve the issue, seek service.

    Battery life seems short

    Note: Charging with a FireWire-based power source is not supported, except on original iPhone.

    1. Click ( for tips on how to prolong iPhone's battery life.
    2. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.
    3. Connect iPhone to iTunes and restore iPhone.
    4. If the screen shows a low-battery image, iPhone is low on power and needs to charge for up to ten minutes before you can use it.
    5. When charging iPhone, make sure to leave it charging until it is fully charged. You'll know the battery is fully charged when the battery icon in the upper-right corner of the screen looks like this Full battery with outlet image inside it..
      Note: If you are charging using your computer, don't connect iPhone to your keyboard. Also, the computer must be turned on and not in sleep or standby mode. If iPhone is connected to a computer that's not turned on or is in sleep or standby mode, the iPhone battery may drain.

    iPhone acceptable temperatures

    Will not turn on, or will not turn on unless connected to power

    1. Verify that the Sleep/Wake button functions.   If it does not function, inspect it for signs of damage.   If the button is damaged or is not functioning when pressed, seek service.
    2. Check    if the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) in the headset jack or dock connector is activated or there are signs of corrosion or debris. Learn more about LCIs.
    3. Connect the iPhone to the iPhone's USB power adapter and let it charge for at least ten minutes.
    4. After at least 15 minutes, if:
      • The home screen appears: The iPhone should be working. Continue charging it until it is completely charged and you see this battery icon in the upper-right corner of the screen Full battery with outlet image inside it.. Then unplug the phone from power. If it immediately turns off, seek service.
      • The low-battery image appears, even after the phone has charged for at least 20 minutes: See   "iPhone displays the low-battery image and is unresponsive" symptom in this article.
      • If something other than the Home screen or Low Battery screen appears on the display, continue with this article for further troubleshooting steps.
    5. If the iPhone did not turn on, try resetting it while connected to the iPhone USB power adapter. To reset, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until either the Apple logo or the battery symbol appears.
      • If the display turns on, go to step 4.
      • If the display remains black, go to next step.
    6. Restore the iPhone. Connect the iPhone to a computer and open iTunes. If iTunes recognizes the iPhone and indicates that it is in recovery mode, attempt to restore the iPhone. If the iPhone doesn't appear in iTunes or if you have difficulties in restoring the iPhone, see this article for further assistance.
    7. If restoring the iPhone resolved the issue, go to step 4. If restoring the iPhone did not solve the issue, seek service.




    Display image issues

    This can include bright or dark pixels, lines in video, or sections of video missing.
    1. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, and then slide the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
    2. Verify the issue is not content related, by viewing different content.
    3. If the image is too dark, adjust the brightness. In General Settings choose Brightness and slide the slider.

    Display does not go into landscape mode

    • Remember that photos, webpages, and applications will not change viewing-orientation modes when iPhone is lying flat. Hold iPhone vertically   to switch between portrait and landscape modes or vice versa.
    • To test, open the Calculator application while holding the iPhone vertically (portrait mode). The standard calculator should appear.  Then rotate the iPhone to a horizontal position (landscape mode), and the scientific calculator should appear.
    Note: Not all applications on iPhone use landscape mode. Videos played in iPod and YouTube are automatically in landscape mode.

    Multi-Touch display not responding to touch

    See this document for troubleshooting Multi-Touch display issues.

    Display has no backlight or dark screen

    1. Toggle the ringer switch to see if the unit vibrates. If it does, it could be that iPhone is getting power, but is not displaying any image.
    2. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, and then slide the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
    3. While connected to the iPhone charger, try to reset the iPhone. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until either the Apple logo or battery symbol appears. If the battery symbol appears, continue to charge iPhone until it is fully charged.

    Display does not adjust brightness automatically

    The ambient light sensor brightens the display when using the iPhone in brightly lit environments, and dims the display in low light. To test this sensor, do the following:
    1. If the iPhone is in a protective case, remove it from the case. If there is a protective film on the display, remove the film.
    2. Verify that the Auto-Brightness setting (Settings > Brightness) is set to ON, and that the  Brightness level is set near the middle of the slider.
    3. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen and then press the Sleep/Wake button to lock the iPhone.
    4. In a bright environment, cover the top third of the iPhone to block the light, then press the Sleep/Wake button or the Home button to wake the phone. Slide the slider to unlock the phone.
    5. Notice the brightness of the screen and application icons; they should be somewhat dimmed.
    6. Remove the cover from the top of the display and in a few moments the display should get brighter.

    Display shows a white screen

    1. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.
    2. If the iPhone will not turn off, try to reset it. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until either the Apple logo or battery symbol appears. If the battery symbol appears, continue to charge iPhone until it is fully charged.
    3. If that doesn't work, try restoring the device.

    After finishing a call the display remains black

    1. If the iPhone is in a protective case, remove it from the case.
    2. If there is a protective or antiglare film on the display, remove the film.
    3. Clean the screen, especially around the receiver, with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth.
    4. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.

    Screen will not lock or go black when answering calls

    1. Verify mute or speaker have not been activated, just prior to placing your ear over the receiver.
    2. While holding your hand over the top third of the display, verify that the screen is locked or goes to sleep.
    3. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.


    General phone use


    Call and connection issues

    First, see the iPhone Call and Connection Assistant for troubleshooting steps.

    No cell signal strength anywhere

    1. If your iPhone is in a case, ensure that it isn't causing interference.
    2. Contact your carrier to verify that you're in an area with network coverage.
    3. If your iPhone has a SIM card, verify that the SIM card has been activated with iTunes:
      1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes.
      2. Connect iPhone to a USB 2.0 port on your Mac or PC (not on the keyboard) using the dock or cable. iTunes opens automatically.
      3. Follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to activate iPhone and sync your contacts, calendars, music, photos, podcasts, videos, email accounts, and web bookmarks.
    4. If you are using the iPhone on a CDMA network, ensure that your Preferred Roaming List is updated. Contact  your carrier for assistance.
    5. Try to restore your iPhone
    Note: Your iPhone may be able to receive calls  in as little as 15 minutes after activation. If you are migrating your  current phone number, it can take longer–up to several days, depending  on the type and status of your former service account–before calls are  routed to iPhone. In the meantime, you can make calls and use the device's other features.

    Intermittent service in an area with good coverage

    1. If iPhone is in a carrying case, try using it without the carrying case.
    2. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.
    3. Try moving to another location.
    4. If service is still intermittent and your iPhone has a SIM card,  contact your carrier or visit your local Apple Retail Store to see if  the SIM should be replaced.
    5. If you are using iPhone on a CDMA network, update the Preferred Roaming List (PRL). Contact your carrier for assistance.
    Wi-Fi issues

    See these articles for help with troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues:

    Interference while in carrying case

    See this article for information.


    Will not go into airplane mode

    1. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, and then slide the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
    2. From the Home screen Tap Settings and turn airplane mode on. When airplane mode is on, airplane icon appears in the status bar at the top of the screen, and no cell phone, radio, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals are emitted from iPhone.
    To learn more about Airplane mode, see this article.

    The "No Service" message appears in the upper left corner of the display

    1. Try toggling Airplane mode "on" and "off". Wait five seconds between the off and on modes.
    2. If that doesn't work, try another location.
    3. If another location works, but the original location still does not, contact your carrier to report the issue.
    4. If the message is present in all locations, have the iPhone serviced.

    Not seen in iTunes / USB connection issues

    See these articles for help with troubleshooting this issue:

    iPhone is unresponsive and displays the Apple Logo

    Review this article: iOS: Unable to update or restore.

    Buttons and Switches


    Sleep/Wake button will not lock or unlock iPhone

    1. Normally, to lock the phone, press the Sleep/Wake button. Note: By default, if you don't touch the screen for a minute, iPhone locks automatically.
    2. Normally, to unlock iPhone, press the Home button or the Sleep/Wake button, then slide the slider.
    3. If either of the above doesn't work, try turning iPhone off and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, and then slide the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
    4. Try to lock or unlock the phone.

    The Home button is slow to respond

    1. If the Home button is slow to respond when exiting one application, try another application.
    2. If the issue exists only in certain applications, try removing and reinstalling those applications. For further assistance in installing and troubleshooting applications see this article
    3. If the issue continues, Try turning  iPhone off and then on again. If the iPhone will not restart, try resetting it.
    4. If the issue is still happening, try to restore the iPhone
    5. Seek service is the issue is still occurring.

    The Home button is not working

    1. Put the iPhone to sleep.
    2. Wait a couple of seconds.
    3. Press the Home button.
    4. iPhone should wake up.
    5. If iPhone does not wake up, then iPhone should be serviced.




    Camera is not functioning

    1. If you do not see Camera on  any of your Home screens (you may have more than one), check to make sure that Restrictions are not turned on by tapping Settings > General > Restrictions. If they are, set Allow Camera to ON or tap Disable Restrictions (in iPhone 2.1 software or later).
    2. Ensure the camera lens is clean and free from any obstructions.  Use a microfiber polishing cloth to clean the lens.
    3. Third-party cases can interfere with the autofocus/exposure feature and the flash (iPhone 4 only); try removing the case if you have image-quality issues with photos.
    4. Try turning iPhone off and then back on.
    5. Tap to focus the camera on the subject. The  image may pulse or briefly go in and out of focus as it adjusts.
    6. Try to remain steady while focusing:
      1. Still images: Remain steady while taking the picture. If you move too far in any direction, the camera automatically refocuses to the center. Note: If you take a picture with iPhone turned sideways, it is automatically saved in landscape orientation.
      2. Video: Adjust focus before you begin recording. After recording begins, you cannot readjust focus until you stop recording. Exiting the Camera application while recording will stop recording and will save the video to the Camera Roll. Note: Video-recording features are not available on original iPhone or iPhone 3G.
    7. On iPhone 4, if the issue is with the main camera, try using the front camera to see if the issue persists, or vice versa if you are using the front camera.




    Accessory not working

    See About iPhone, iPad, and iPod accessories and Troubleshooting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch accessories for troubleshooting information.


    Works with iPhone compatibility message

    See this article for information.

    The stereo headset microphone button is not functioning properly

    1. Verify the headset being used is compatible with the iPhone.
    2. Verify there is no debris in the headset jack.
    3. Insert the stereo headset and play audio using the iPod app. Verify both left and right channels are functioning.
    4. Press the microphone button to see if it can pause and resume audio.
    5. Make a phone call and see if the microphone is working.
    6. If the issue persists, try another headset.
    7. If the issue persists with another headset, have the iPhone serviced.

    Bluetooth headset isn't responding or working correctly with iPhone

    1. Third-party Bluetooth headsets may not be compatible with all iPhone models. Before troubleshooting or setting up service, check the product's website and verify that the headset is compatible with your iPhone.
    2. Make sure iPhone is set to play sound through the headset. Tap Audio Source and choose iPhone Bluetooth Headset.
    3. Make sure the headset and iPhone are charged.
    4. Turn the headset off and on.
    5. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.
    6. On iPhone, make sure Bluetooth is turned on: In the Home screen, choose Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on.
    7. In the Bluetooth settings pane, verify that the headset is discoverable.          (For third-party Bluetooth headsets, refer to the manual for instructions on setup, headset discovery, and default security codes. For the Apple Bluetooth Headset, press and hold the headset button until you hear five quick, high beeps in the earpiece. The status light repeatedly flashes green when the headset is discoverable.)
      • When the headset appears in the list of Bluetooth devices, tap to pair the iPhone with the headset.
      • If the headset does not appear, ensure it is discoverable and not currently paired with another phone.
      • If prompted by the iPhone, enter the  security code "0000"  and tap connect.
    8. If the iPhone still does not pair with the headset, remove all records of other Bluetooth paired devices.  Choose Settings > General > Bluetooth and tap the Right arrow button. Then choose "Forget this device".
    9. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.
    10. Try a known-good Bluetooth headset.
      • If the issue is solved with a known good headset, the issue is with original headset.
      • If the issue is not solved with a known good headset, and the settings are correct on the iPhone, replace the iPhone.
      • Verify the headset in question works on the replacement phone.



    "No SIM installed" alert (GSM models only)

    1. Remove the SIM card.
    2. Verify that the SIM card is not damaged or dirty, then reinstall the SIM card.
    3. Try turning  iPhone off and then on again.
    4. Wait approximately two minutes, then see if  iPhone detects the SIM card and if it will register on the network.
    5. If that doesn't work, try another SIM card for that carrier, if possible, to see if it is detected.
    6. If the message still exists, please go to: for information on service.
    Note: If you need to send your iPhone in for service or if you want to temporarily use a different phone, you may be able to use the SIM card inside your iPhone with another GSM phone.


    Compass (not available on original iPhone or iPhone 3G)


    Compass not functioning

    1. Move to a location away from magnetic fields.
    2. Recalibrate Compass by waving iPhone in a figure-eight motion. See this article for more information about recalibrating Compass.
    3. Verify the compass is functioning by opening Maps, tapping Locator icon (looks like a crosshair), and then tapping it again.  (The icon changes to Locator icon with a dot in it.)
    Note: Maps uses the built-in compass to determine your heading. The white beam shows the accuracy of the compass reading—the smaller the angle of the beam, the greater the accuracy.


    Issue not resolved


    My issue is still not resolved. What do I do next?

    For information on service, go to: for information on service.


    Additional Information

    Avoiding hearing damage

    Permanent hearing loss may occur if the receiver, earbuds, headphones, speakerphone, or earpieces are used at high volume. Set the volume to a safe level. You can adapt over time to a higher volume of sound that may sound normal but can be damaging to your hearing. If you experience ringing in your ears or muffled speech, stop listening and have your hearing checked. The louder the volume, the less time is required before your hearing could be affected. Hearing experts suggest that to protect your hearing:

    • Limit the amount of time you use the receiver, earbuds, headphones, speakerphone, or earpieces at high volume.
    • Avoid turning up the volume to block out noisy surroundings.
    • Turn the volume down if you can't hear people speaking near you.

    For information about how to set a maximum volume limit on iPhone, see the iPhone User's Guide.

    Do not open iPhone

    Never attempt to repair or modify iPhone yourself. Disassembling iPhone, including the removal of external screws, may cause damage that is not covered under the warranty. iPhone does not contain any user-serviceable parts, except for the SIM tray and SIM card on GSM models. Service should only be provided by an authorized service provider.

    For more information about repairing or modifying iPhone, see the product information and safety guide for your iPhone.

  • 1AppleADayNoWay Level 1 (0 points)

    In my final post for the foreseable future (yeah, I've said that before), I've decided to extract comments made by "Sticktron" from the "5.0.1 update--even worst battery life" and "iPhone 4S battery life" (aka the "big" one) around Nov 17 2011. The reason for doing that is that this guy is basically the only dev I saw shedding some light on the "issue", plus his style is quite entertaining. It also remind us that nothing is ever clear cut in this world and that often issues arise out of a balancing act more so than from a black or white "bug" context. Of course, I personally believe there might be with iOS 5+4S a series of issues which vary in degree of importance, from ignorance of the specifications to hyped marketing and poor support tools to some limited hardware issues, badly developed apps in the store and carrier side considerations. It is unclear which issues have been fixed at this point and if Apple can ever deliver fully on the device for every user considering all usage scenarios in the user base and the sync ecosystem etc. Most likely we'll never know. Anyways, here goes Sticktron's tale, as one could put it:




    ^^^^ This. QFT.


    There is no Software, or Hardware bug, or defect,

    Simply a matter of You Can't Power a Cell radio, wifi radio, GPS, and continuously running uploads (iCloud Photo Sync...   ) using a battery lighter than a big Nut,

    and expect to get any kind of substantial life out of it.


    Restoring/Resetting/all-these-voodoo-fixes are Placebos...


    [CrazyMFGenius moreTruthPlease:YES];



    #DEFINE A @"a lithium battery does function like a niCad battery does" // #LookItUp) /// camelCase is mine

    #DEFINE B @"removing suspended Apps from the Switcher will SLOW your device DOWN" // gotta wake up, reload from sloooow flashRAM

    #DEFINE C @"Backing up your every move via net connection, 24/7, is a phenomenal advancement, but it's Expensive"


    // one more and I'm out

    + (void)IWantToSaveBattery:(BOOL)doYou {

        if (doYou) { // and you should, do

            [Human taptheShinyOnOffButtonsWithBesideThemAndPurpleArrowsBecauseTheyAreHoldingOpenAl   lTjreeRadiosAndByDivineASSERTIONareNotAllowedToTurnOffUntilThatAssertionsLiftme n tByItsMaker];


        // phew



    PS I dev from my phone, have a hackintosh in my room I use to root, and upgrade (and Jam over iTunes with my Wii RockBand DrumKit (all praise Team GarageBand@APPLE.




    PPSS 5.0.1's intent was only to patch 0xCharlie out (for a second).

    Wait until next week for 5.0.2, which address the balance of fetch vs uice 8)




    (that won't compile btw, some typos and "private" Frameworks missing  




    // that was Cocoa talk, pronounced "SmallTalk".. simple, human, impossible for a five yor old Not to follow


    // also i carry 3 iPhones, an iPod and an iPad (and a classic, for posterity)

    // attached to my body with Duct tape... cuz That's how we(Devs) roll!

    // (and cuz each new #RealPocketPCFinally is **** cheaper than the last one I got,

    See where this might be heading? Here this might be Heading,  ere this might be Headin, re this might be Headi,


    shoot crashed SpringBoard (but she's back up!  In record time)


    //// (commented aside comment: iOS architects cry little pretty white shiny bitten Apple apples,

    Every time they see Another retard (mis)understanding TheWork(tm)




    Smule's MagicPiano is an example of the kind of BadWork you need to check for right now..

    By some craft of occult magic, Smule manages to keep LS running even when MP isn't

    I didn't even know that was possible, Smile guys,

    Thanks for not bothering to even take One Look to see if the code you (irresponsibly)published would live onto Drain Batteries across the Globe.


    See, it's not even Apples fault.


    ProTip: check for purple arrows on occasion, 99% of apps on the market were poorly written cash grabs,

    Whereas a mobile SooperDooperSuperComputer is EXTREMELY sensitive to memory and power consumption.


    Apple QA failed to notice, so actually it IS Apples fault: you want strict Approval, it's on You to Protect Me,

    Not me to have to look for purple arrows,

    And nearly have a heart attack when upon sshing into my 4S to work on,

    And see 2000 messages from atc Warning me about radio assertion.


    Turn off iTunes Sync and iCloud Sync and **** iAd Location Service, that should NEBER be on.

    Then observe in Glory as you read that the Assertion has even lifted.

    Rejoice, and enjoy the full battery life you expect out an Apple product,

    For now, well, until dec.





    200 replies since I posted the exact problem and temp solution,

    And people are Still posting tht their phone is faulty?

    Nobody read anymore?


    It is not a Hardware, not a Software problem,

    It's a service problem.


    iOS 5 makes Much heavier use of radios, thanks to great innovations like iCloud,

    However, it's NEW, and Apple is still working out real world 100million user type testing,

    They can't do that in the Lab, too many strange humans with strange use patterns.


    For now, you can fix the drain by disabling features (you don't use) that use the radios too much.

    iCloud Backup, certain unneeded Location services, etc.


    Honestly, there is No Need for further discussion.

    This case has been solved, now we wait for 5.0.2 (maybe next week, soon).


    PRoTip: No Genius works at a Retail store, that's for everyone else




    Also, I graphed the Battery drain rate before and after I toggled each feature.

    The OS thinks it has Way more juice than it does, because the estimations aren't able to estimate well enough your web service usage.


    This is a sketch of said drawing...


    As you can see, with everything on, a 283hour difference.

    With iCloud and some Location services off,

    I went on to use the 4S for another 80 minutes of medium use, only 20% drain.





    On the Nature of the Constantly Draining Battery in iOS 5 & iOS 5.0.1

    There is a bug in <snipped> causing the daemon for AirTraffic to inadvertantly fail to release an assertion check (checking re: AirTraffic connection), thereby not allowing the radios to turn off, thus the quickly draining my battery.


    Please fix this ASAP.

    Note: Fixing it myself gave me 10 hours of use throughout the day today, working (I haven't been to my desk all day--yay for iOS)






    Apple is ALL ABOUT making electronics as easy as ****.

    That's Apple's Prime Directive, their <raison d'etre> so to speak.


    You forget that a Computer that works perfectly for everyone is IMPOSSIBLE.

    At least given our current understanding of the Universe.


    There are literally BILLIONS and BILLIONS AND BILLIONS

    of little electronic messages being communicated over an intricate network

    of pathways SO TINY that a Lab has to be built

    SO SPECIALIZED that there are only like 3 in the world.


    And that's just for one component out of thousands





    Hi guys,

    I posted this in the other big threads,mi hope we all chill a bit.


    The 4S battery (all our batteries) are best in class. This is Not a battery problem. It's a logistical problem.

    iOS 5 has crazy exciting new features (iCloud, iTunes sync, Siri, etc.) but these all take radio power, which is the most draining of all the iPhone parts, including the display.


    For a reference, LocationServices, using assisted-GPS, requires that your Cell, WiFi, and GPS radios all work together to provide you with the most accurate results possible inAny condition. GPS uses AS MUCH juice as playing a 3D game.


    So, in Summary...


    There is nothing to gain by stalking these forums (and filling my inbox with hundreds of emails a day).

    Apple just needs a bit of time to work out a more efficient Balance between web services and Physical limitations of the Universe.


    We are pushing unknown territory here, forefront and all that...




    Oops forgot the best part....

    Since I first confirmed the source of the issue (on Sunday), my 4S has been keeping pace with my iPad, othe iPhone, etc.


    Turn off one or two constant radio users, for now, until next week when Apple tries to address this themselves with 5.0.2




    PS just be happy you hav Apple products, and not an Android, they're obsolete the moment the come out tha box,

    Users Just Don't Get Updates. Blame the carriers, thank Apple for having the balls to say "**** you, well just build a nationwide WiFi network, cut you out, Jobs rolled like that




    It's not negotiable.

    That's the plain truth.

    You can confirm it for yourself.


    I wrote a quick graph of drain rate, toggled the features, watched the Rate change by a factor of Ten.

    Examine your logs, watchvAirTraffic, it holds an assertion that a connection must be intact. atc checks this once a minute. My logs were being FILLED with thousands of debug messages from atc. Turn off iCloud, iTunes synce, temporarily, you can Readvalong as the OS lifts the assertion and the connections are allowed to close.




    I use my 4S all day. I Dev on it. Make jailbreak tweaks, store Apps, I hack, I research, YouTube, drop dope rhymes on twitter, all day long. And it doesn't die.


    You came here for an answer,mi gave you the answer. P,ease wait, there is NOTHING wrong with your phone.




    No, we use advanced tools to build profiles of tons of use cases, measure their drain rate, then maths tell you all that info.


    It can be done in minutes. However, you cannotvSimply test for what random people do with such a complex and varied system. You do need some time in the wild. You won't have to wait long, and your battery usage can be lowered for now, you probably won't miss it.





    Wow, amazing. I know people are trying to help out, but you Aren't Helping by giving blatantly erroneous help,


    (looking at you, Dr. ePhil)


    Go read page one of the doc on ios multitasking policy,

    Come back,



    No joke.


    ProTip: iOS (has always) only "run" one App at-a-time,

    That's why it's sooo bloody efficient. It's a one-window system.



    That thing Tha pops up when you double-tap Home is ***NOT*** windows task manager.

    It's a list of Apps you were RECENTLY using....

    They now live in a country called InActive RAMia,

    Where there is only a trickle of electricity (thank you mDRAM),

    Where they Wait to be Summoned back to Please their Masters.


    The population of InActive RAMia is easily queried by any number of free Apps,

    The Country is nice, don't get me wrong, but when you are living there, you can be evicted at Any Time (killed even),


    whenever a citizen of the vastly superior kingdom of Active RAMasia requests more land,

    Citizens of poor I.R. get murked



    id iOS = one-App- / one-Window- at-a-time Design;

    iOS += convenient way to get back to recent windows // (that *were* running) ((App Switcher))


    iOS just got too ******* confusing for 99.999% of people to understand,

    Trust a pro, listen,

    wait for apples rebalancing of cloud service fetch timing.




    5.0.2 is in beta on my phone.

    It's coming out next week.


    Congratulations all Readers, Comprehenders, and Those who took a half hour to fin the answers

    Posted waaaaaau back on Sunday, many times, I tries

    To help, but people here seem to want to self diagnose an disxuss and rumurate,


    This "Community" has proven obsolete this week,

    Apple has to implement a Developer Avatat/Badge, and top post voted posts.


    For this who missed my 8 posts, funny stories about RAMasia and Divine Assertions,

    diagnosis, screenshots... It's all here, in all the big threads.


    Took 10 minutes to isolated that the issue was not an issue,

    But a Logistical Physical one.


    Fixed amount of juice vs 10-to-infinity potential Radio asserters,

    Look through Settings,

    Turn off Purple Arrrows because they are on

    Turn of network-based services.

    // get a baseline using a free App

    Turn on hat you actually use.

    // I dont use iAD tracking, nor should anyone.

    // I don't NEED iCloud to sync 3gb of media tonight while I sleep,

    I don't NEED those pics on my desktop anyway.





    GPS really uses cell &amp; wifi as well, for eg.

    Your iPhone reports that GPS uses equivalent to A5 power,

    Which is 100x more than not.


    My battery rocks all day, I use it as my PC all day,

    I hack that ***,

    And she loves me. Nothing crashes ever, except #ReallyBadApps

    I always have >320 MB of available RAM (when not in an App).


    Shut **** Down, I jus broke it down,





    Only one app is running, ever.

    That is NOT Windows Task Manager, you are reading it wrong.





    Check me out I'm legit.


    Also I used Twitter to directly message Smule,

    Letting them know that Magic Piano was somehow holding open a LocationServices connection,

    Before you even RAN it!


    That's the Worst and sloppiest and most irresponisible and unprofessional and lacking any effort at QA.




    And still no update

    Not even hey thanks sorry fixed




    Good luck with your iPhone and take care all!!



  • themystx2 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm starting to believe the 4S is just a bigger battery hog than the 4 was.  I've used my iPhone 4 into the ground before it met pavement, but it does make sense - the A5 is a dual-core processor with greater battery demands than the A4 and given that the battery capacity is identical across both devices, there is nothing more you can do short of getting an extended battery case to make the 4S have good battery life.  I use Siri, I use location services, I use the heck out of push notifications and e-mail.


    Is this an incorrect assumption?  I lose 1% battery life every 2-3 minutes when I play an intensive game.  Gets worse if it's an online game. 

  • iPhoneTatu Level 1 (0 points)

    I've tried everything I've have

    2 iPhones 4s. I know 4 others. Everyone here.

    It just plain *****. I have to plug it in 1/2 into day.

    It is the battery drain.  I hate this iPhone

    My other family members stayed with

    iPhone 4.  I'm going to give it away to my son

    If he will take it. I'm going to go Samsung galaxy 4lte

    With the 80.00 case that doubles the battery life.

    3S will have 1280x720 4.5 larger screen.

    Ice cream. Way better then iPhone if you like games or YouTube


    I've had nothing but apple since 1990.

    All the iPhones.  Everything apple. No more reading resets stories

    Setting auto bright. No more discussing this cause I've been around a long time.

    I'm sick and tired of the lies here about solutions.

    Lies about "my 4s has great battery life"

    Lies! By the time I get down typing this I lost 8%

    About 8 mins. I'm watching Alcatraz!

    This BS Apple pulled on us with 4s

    Battery blows. I'm going Samsung!

  • Fepe Level 1 (0 points)

    I think I found the answer to the baterry drain. I been testing setting y setting to see whats causing the poor battery of my iPhones. I been testing my iPhone for a week now and two days ago I turn off the cel network search settings under Location Services and my battery was able to hold for a full day and a half and 7 h off heavy usage (email, texting, phone calls, Facebook, twitter). The main thing was that under standby there was almost no battery drain. I think that this setting was causing my phone to die by 5 pm every day. (I start my day at 6am). Now I'm able to last until the next day with out charging it!


    This is what I did a week ago


    1. reset the phone to factory settings with the computer ( I had to download the iOS since I did the last update via OTA)

    2. Setup 2 exchange accounts with PUSH, and iCloud with PUSH, iTunes match

    3. Turn off ping

    4. Turn off all system service in location services, exept compass calibration ( I use it with waze).

    5. My apps locations services I left on the ones I know I use


    Let me know how it goes!

  • Boosa85 Level 1 (0 points)

    Will Have to try this as Im having trouble with battery life on my iPhone 4s that Ive only had for two weeks. The battery will hardly last a day and Im not a big user of it.

  • watterson94 Level 1 (0 points)

    After trying all of these, my battery still hasn't improved at all. Apple really need to focus on their software before they bring out a new phone.

    Poor behalf on Apple.

  • INNRCHLD Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree and over the past three months have also done much of the exhausting troubleshooting offered here on my iphone 5s and I have to ask myself, why am I paying to do all this work? In the forum TOS it seems you may be compensated in some fashion from Apple for spending time here so I can see the motive for that. I appreciate these types of electronics are difficult to make perfect right out of the box but if this were my product and I saw my consumer going through all of this I'd have to step in and offer instructions to expedite an immediate solution or refund them if they desired. Making constant trips to the noisy store, waiting in a long que is even more draining than sitting here dismayed. Waiting on the phone in que for a tech, mailing back a potentially defect phone.. ugh! Perhaps this could be construed as a rant? I feel as though our technical troubleshooting is long past our capability and Apple and our Carriers need to weigh in although the TOS tells me they don't do that. So what do we do to get a product that does what it promised?

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