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I have a Snow leopard Mac that I have been syncing to an iPad(IOS 5) with Wifi and it has been working great. I recently upgraded to OS X lion on the Imac and the Ipad device dissappeared as a device from itunes on the imac. I plugged the ipad back into the imac with the USB and the Wifi syncing is now working again.


Problem is with this error message -->iTunes could not back up to the iPad "usersx's iPad" because the iPad disconnected <---

- Even with the error message the ipad syncs music ok and is visible from the mac(the device does not disconnect)

- I have restarted both machines multiple times to no avail

- I have deleted the existing iPad backup and restarted with the same error


My Best Guess is that the iPad is trying to backup via the USB cable not Wifi. Does anyone know the Itunes configuration files within OS X lion via Terminal / or other means other than the GUI ? DO they even exist ? I am comfortable editing any file with Vim or other command line.


I have the iPad installed on the wall(as a music player) so taking it down is a real pain. Seems like apple is heading the way on Windows and when I call Apple for support re-install seems to be the answer to questions people dont know. I would rather trouble shoot and resolve then re-install.



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I had a very similar problem. My iPhone would ONLY Wi-Fi Sync when it was plugged in TO MY LAPTOP. Otherwise, it would be grayed out and say "Sync will resume when [my] MacBook Pro becomes available." What is the point of a WI-FI SYNC if it only syncs when plugged in


    That's what I thought, anyway, until I went to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Rebooted, then initiated iTunes Wi-Fi Sync... OVER WI-FI!!!

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    Just an update


    Here is an error I pulled from /var/log/system.log  Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have lots of free space on both devices. I am sure someone knows what a backup error: -10 is ? anyone ?


    Nov 27 20:35:46 xx-imac [0x0-0x2d02d].com.apple.iTunes[308]: 2011-11-27 20:35:46.810 AppleMobileBackup[313:703] WARNING: Backing up .SM.gul.7d1510523c502f6ae098944dc51a00efe1c77961


    Nov 27 20:35:48 xx-imac [0x0-0x2d02d].com.apple.iTunes[308]: 2011-11-27 20:35:48.069 AppleMobileBackup[313:703] ERROR: Connection to device lost (com.apple.MobileBackup.ErrorDomain/200)


    Nov 27 20:35:48 xx-imac [0x0-0x2d02d].com.apple.iTunes[308]: 2011-11-27 20:35:48.069 AppleMobileBackup[313:703] ERROR: Backup error: -10


    Nov 27 20:35:48 xx-imac [0x0-0x2d02d].com.apple.iTunes[308]: Child: Can't write length for data