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I've been having periodic system hangs (hangs until I force a shut down).  when I check the console log I find a zillion entries saying:

11/27/11 9:02:02.645 AM mdworker: (Normal) Import:  exceeded time/resource use limits after 12003 milliseconds, reason:1 - find suspect file using: sudo mdutil -t 441183


ruing the mdutil command tells me the suspect file is Aperture Library.aplibrary


My Aperture library is 118GB (every photo I've taken since 2001) so perhaps when spotlight indexes it it just takes a REALLY long time?  I'm hoping that's not it because I really don't want to go to the work of splitting up the library.  I did repair permissions on the Aperture library but I didn't yet repair or rebuild the database.  I did that not more than a month ago because of another problem.


any ideas?


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