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I just got a 2012 Toyota with their new Entune system. It requires the same Bluetooth MAP (message access profile) as the other 2 car manufacturers being noted on here for their hands-free email/text features. Not that I knew this til afterwards... How can Apple say that iOS is the 'most advanced' smartphone platform when they haven't added this BT profile? Not angry really, but disappointed and losing the love

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    I have a 2012 SE Camry and it is very troublesome to connect the apps/features to the car.  No access to emails/texts which is really annoying.  But I think the main problem is that Entune is not that great.

    Bluetooth calls work just fine, just apps I am annoyed with.

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    Apple/ATT/Verizon have disabled the iPhone Bluetooth so it cannot be used for Bluetooth internet connections.


    Android and Blackberry allow the connection.  You are already paying for your data usage but Apple/ATT/Verizon want you to pay twice by purchasing the Personal Hotspot Tethering option (another $30 a month) to get access to the data usage you are already paying for.  Shameless commerce per Ray and Tom.


    The iPhone will connect via the cars USB port (in Toyota's fer shure) and provide internet connectivity so it's a case of willing to plug and unplug vs. convenience of Bluetooth for $360 to ATT et al.

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    Not to put too fine a point on it, but EaglesPDX does not know what they are talking about.


    This has nothing to do with which carrier you have or carriers wanting to ding you for internet access.


    MAP is a Bluetooth Profile, the same as bluetooth profiles that allow you to do things like pair up headsets with your iPhone.


    Why Apple stubbornely refuse to implement MAP (which would allow BMW iDrive, Toyota Entune, Ford Sync and others) to access SMS messages, emails, etc, is simply beyond knowing... but it has NOTHING to do with ANYONE other than Apple.


    Apple, add MAP already!