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My netflix is suddenly unable to stream movies. It was working fine just a few days ago. Anyone?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Was working fine on my iPhone until about 45 mins ago when it suddenly stopped and indicated that my login info had changed. Odd, I thought. So I went to my computer and it logged in fine. I purposely logged out and tried my login again. Guess what...e-mail and password not recognized. Tried sending a password reset e-mail, but never got it. Hoping that it is a Netflix server issue. If not, I guess I've got big problems. Especially considering Netflix has nearly no customer serrvice support.

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    Hi Headhunter,

    I just read on Netflix's Twitter that they are aware that some of their customers are experiencing difficulty. I am relieved it isn't my mac! I guess we will find out soon if they are getting it fixed!

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    I'm seeing the same problem online only (through the computer).  On my TV, which is logged in already, is working fine.

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    Sorry i dont have a solution, but i am experiencing the same problem. Also, if i click on "contact us," the page redirects itself until safari steps in to inform me that the page will never open becuase it is redirecting itself to itself...Does this happen to you as well?